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Efforts to Improve Student Learning Activities Using the Students Activity Sheet in Class IX-2 SMPN 32 Padang

Science is an important field of study to support science and technology. Many efforts have been made to improve the quality of education such as curriculum change, teacher competency improvement to stimulate student activities and the provision of learning resources. One that can be implemented to improve the quality of education through increased student activity is to multiply the source of learning such as LKS. This study aims to determine the increase in student learning activities using student activity sheets on IX-2 class IX-2 SMPN 32 Padang. Research includes classroom action research. From the data analysis, it can be concluded that there is an increase of student activity on the subject of Science class VII SMPN 32 Padang using Student Activity Sheet.
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Implementation of Discovery Learning in Human Digestive System Learning for Grade VIII Students

Student learning outcomes in learning in class VIII SMP Muhammadiyah 9 Yogyakarta is still low. Factors causing low learning outcomes include not using any learning model and still being teacher-centered. This study aimed to determine the effect of Discovery learning learning models on student learning outcomes in the digestive system material class VIII at SMP Muhammadiyah 9 Yogyakarta. This type of research is a quasi-experiment. This study's population were all VIII grade students of SMP Muhammadiyah 9 Yogyakarta consisting of five classes, namely classes A, B, C, D, and E, with 140 students. In this study, purposive sampling was conducted based on certain considerations so that 2 class samples were obtained, namely class VIII C as the control class and VIII E as the experimental class. Data collection techniques with tests. Data collection instruments were in the form of   pretest and  posttest questions. The analysis technique used is descriptive quantitative. Research Results Learning outcomes were analyzed by t-test statistics at the level of significance 5% obtained t-count 0.302 and t-table = 2.01063, so t-count < t-table. Therefore, the Discovery learning model does not affect the learning outcomes of VIII grade students of SMP Muhammadiyah 9 Yogyakarta.
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The Effect of Reading, Questioning and Answering Strategy Toward Student Creative Thinking on Evolution Course at Biology Department FMIPA Universitas Negeri Padang

Biology Department Universitas Negeri Padang students' creative thinking competence in evolution was low. This fact assumed can be solved using RQA strategy and Molecular Evolution learning book that have developed. This research conducted to know the effect of using RQA strategy and learning book to students' concept understanding compared with the other class that used conventional method. The samples were 46 students. Data was posttest score in evolution used creative thinking instrument that have been validated by expert and analyzed used t-test. The result showed value 0,313>0,05; it concluded that there were no significant different of students' creative thinking competence between students at experiment class and control.
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