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Kehujjahan Hadis Menurut Imam Mazhab Empat

This article presents the opinion of imams of four Islamic legal schools (mazhab) regarding the validity of hadits as the source of Islamic law. This study shows that the opinion of the imams on that issue is various. According to Abu Hanifah, al-sunnah can be accepted as the source of Islamic law with the condition that it is related by reliable men. As to hadits ahad, he requires that it does not contradict the principles agreed upon by ‘ulama, and its content (matan) does not concern with general issues, nor does it contravene the qiyas. He even accept the hadits mursal if it does not contradict the Quran. While according to Malik bin Anas, hadits can be accepted as the argumentation (hujjah), not only for hadits mutawatir, but also for hadits masyhur, hadits mursal, and hadits ahad, with the condition that they do not contradict the actions of Madinah scholars. Idris al-Syafi'i contends that hadits ahad can be accepted as the source of Islamic law with the requirement that it is related by dhabith transmitter. This is also the case with the hadits mursal. According to Syafi'i, the status of hadits mutawatir is higher than hadits ahad and hadits mursal. Another imam, Ahmad bin Hanbal, uses all kinds of hadits, mutawatir, ahad, mursal, and dha'if, as the sources of Islamic law. He even prefers hadits dha'if
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Analisis Kedudukan Hukum dalam Alquran (suatu Analisis Keadilan dan Kemanusian)

The Qur'an not only regulates human vertical relationship with God, but also set the horizontal human relationships with each other and with the natural surroundings. The number of verses in the Quran the law only slightly compared with the governing creed. Verses such laws are generally global, in tune with the dynamics of a society that is always dynamic, growing and changing. The concept of the law of the Koran integrating between justice and humanity, which is reflected in the implementation of the punishment like any concepts valuable humanitarian obligations. The concept of justice and humanity in the law is essentially a objectives of Islamic law.
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Kontribusi Syaltut dalam Reformasi Hukum Islam

Thoughts Syaltut a role model for most of the Egyptian Muslims and even other Muslims in Islamic countries through their readings of the books he wrote. Syaltut considered a mujtahid are popular, because of his ideas and his thoughts can be accepted by the majority of Muslims, especially once the scientists of the Islamic countries. His books are reviewed and scrutinized by people outside of Egypt. Syaltut their thoughts and discuss their learning and many of them are making figure Syaltut and pernikiran - thinking as a comparative study and a lot of students who earn a master's degree , even a doctorate to discuss and examine the books and thoughts . Not only the Egyptians who provide feedback and appreciation for their thoughts and ideas , and even the International community recognizes its scientific capabilities , such as when he describes the legal position at the Congress of International Law in The Hague (the Netherlands), his views accepted and welcomed the experts and academics
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