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Implementasi Metode Montessori pada Pembelajaran Kurikulum 2013 di Kelas 3 SD Holistik Islam Terpadu Awliya

The 2013 curriculum is a follow-up to the competency-based curriculum (KBK) that was tested in 2004. The 2013 curriculum is competency-based focuses on acquiring certain competencies by students. Therefore, the 2013 curriculum includes a number of competencies, and a set of learning objectives that are stated in such a way that their achievement can be observed in the form of behavior or skills of students as a criterion for success. To determine the success of the implementation of the Montessori method in the 2013 curriculum learning process, it can be viewed from the learning planning, learning implementation, and learning evaluation. This research uses qualitative research with data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation which is tested by data validity test. The results showed that the implementation of the Montessori method carried out at the Awliya Integrated Islamic Holistic Elementary School, especially in achieving the values ​​of the National education goals for students, has been implemented properly and is in accordance with the Montessori principles in the implementation process and is also in accordance with the development of school age children. When viewed from the principles in the 2013 Curriculum, the Montessori method is considered to have fulfilled all the principles of the 2013 Curriculum
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Kecenderungan Anak Bermain Gawai Hubungannya dengan Motivasi dan Prestasi Belajar

Not a few children today, who call themselves millennial generation, compile in support of your goals, son? They answered that they no longer wanted to be doctors, engineers or others. AS want to be a YouTuber or a gamer. The results of this study indicate a link between the tendency of children to play Gawai with a decrease in motivation and their learning achievement, thus forming forms of game rentals such as Gawai, Gagget, Touch Screen Android Mobile, nitendo, sega and others need to get a backup in order to be searched not open when the child is in school hours. Likewise the use of touch screen Android phones by children, but it is part of the development of technology that can not be canceled, but the integration of the use of mobile phones for children must still be monitored and controlled by all parties, requires parents and teachers. Keywords: playing a device; motivation; learning achievement   
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Peningkatan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas IV Sekolah Dasar Negeri 2 Karangbener Menggunakan Model Think Pairs Share

This study aims to improve the learning outcomes of grade IV students of SDN 2 Karangbener on the theme of my goals using the Think Pair Share (TPS) model. This type of research is a class action research consisting of four stages, namely planning, implementation, and reflection which is carried out for 2 cycle consists of 2 meetings. The subjects of this study were the fourth grade students of SDN 2 Karangbener with a total of 14 students. Data collection techniques using interviews, observation, tests, and documentation. Analysis of the data used is quantitative data and qualitative data. The results showed an increase in learning outcomes in the realm of knowledge. In cycle I the knowledge domain of grade IV SDN 2 Karangbener students obtained a percentage of completeness of 64.2% with the statement of students who received a total score of 9 students and those who did not complete as many as 5 students. And to be 85.7% in the second cycle with the statement of students complete marks and 2 students who did not complete. Based on the result of the class action research conducted it can be concluded that the application of the Think Pair Share (TPS) model can improve the learning outcomes of grade IV students of SDN 2 Karangbener on the theme of My Goals
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