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E-marketplace Batik

Batik is the ancestral heritage of Indonesia. Every region in Indonesia has a different motif. The distinctiveness of batik appeal to everyone from both outside and inside the country. But to do the media promotion process used to use print media such as brochures and other alternatives through batik exhibition performances and put them on display in stores.The website is a technology that can be accessed quickly. Only by knowing the website address people from any country can access the information in the address of the website. Therefore, by using these technologies can be used as a marketing medium that is easily accessible. The programming language used to develop websites using PHP are commonly used and easy to learn. Media storage (database) for the website is MySQL that can be used free of charge and powerful.Results obtained from this research is the design and application of E-Marketplace Batik. Applications already well underway based on testing using the BlackBox.
Penerapan Metode Rational Unified Process Pada Aplikasi Monitoring Periodic Service Alat Berat Image
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Penerapan Metode Rational Unified Process Pada Aplikasi Monitoring Periodic Service Alat Berat

Product Support is one of the divisions in the company who deliver technical support to customers, especially in terms of after sales service. Commonly, the data obtained by the product support division at PT Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk is still a general information concerning the units owned by the company. This data needs to be analyzed and then reprocessed using an application such as Excel spreadsheets to find out the periodic service of heavy machinery in each period, in order that the data processing time is relatively longer and allow for errors or human error. In addition, the data processing tends to be ineffective.This research aims to design a "Application Monitoring of Periodic Services Heavy Machinery" that can help companies monitor the periodic service of heavy machinery better by using the programming language PHP and MySQL as the database.The results of this research to build a monitoring application using the method of system development RUP (Rational Unified Process) to determine schedule of periodic service heavy machinery in order to processing the information would be more appropriate, effective, and efficiency can improve the quality of customer service.
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Back Mater of IJAI

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