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Remedies for the Crisis and Coronavirus-induced Insolvency: What Legal "Weapons" Are Available to Fight This "War"?

This paper aims to define certain rules that may accompany insolvent enterprises and over-indebted households in post-pandemic recovery. At this time, the crucial need to provide entrepreneurs, creditors, debtors, and consumers with certainties cannot be delayed. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, various countries are adopting measures to change the application of their insolvency laws. The Virus was circulating in Italy before spreading to all other European countries, therefore the Italian government had to adopt urgent measures, which drastically impacted insolvency and collective procedures, inter alia. The paper focuses on the legislative provisions adopted by the Italian government as compared to the recent communication of the European Commission of 19 March 2020 ("The new temporary Framework for State aid measures to support the economy in the current COVID-19 outbreak") and to the Directive (U.E.) 2019/1023 on restructuring and insolvency. In light of the foregoing, two solutions will be formulated that may be immediately adopted in support of the debt of enterprises and households to ensure the successful recovery of solvency.
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Anticipatory Bail and Criminal Justice System in India

Social reputation and personal liberty are two important things in life human beings which are most dear and most respected. Whenever any person has enmity with another person, he tries to affect the social reputation and personal liberty of later person and usually for the purpose criminal justice system is misused. Vested interests file the false case, thereby, the alleged person may be arrested and kept in custody which may cause a loss of reputation and personal liberty of the alleged person. Such misuse of the criminal justice system is a reality. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the criminal justice system itself to protect innocent persons falsely alleged in a criminal case. Indian criminal justice system has prescribed anticipatory bail to protect the falsely alleged person. This article will analyze the legal regime provided in the Indian criminal justice system about anticipatory bail.
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The Impact of Pandemics on Workforce Joblessness in Central Europe in Pre-Covid Era and During Pandemic

Unemployment affects individuals socially, personally, and economically. The impact of being jobless can be long-lasting. Five different generations participate in the workplace today. As countries throughout the world went into lockdown to combat the spread of Covid-19, unemployment numbers rose rapidly. This study aimed to examine the effects of unemployment in three-generation groups in V4 and Austria in the pre-Covid-19 era and during Covid-19. Descriptive statistics were used to present the collected data. OECD data were used for the analysis. Based on the data collected, unemployment decreases with age. The group aged 15-24 shows significantly higher unemployment than the other two groups. A gender difference in unemployment was confirmed only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Unemployment has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The unemployment gap for females before and during Covid-19 was not confirmed. The T-Test confirmed the difference in unemployment before and during the crisis in the age categories 15-24 and 25-54. In Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, the number of people with a duration of employment of up to one year differs in all age categories. In the Czech Republic, there is a significant difference only between the youngest group and the other two. In all countries, the largest number of people with the employment of up to one year is in the age group 25-54. In none of the examined countries was a gender unemployment gap proved before Covid-19.
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