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Socio-psychological Training for Adolescents, Aimed at Preventing and Overcoming the Negative Manifestations of Loneliness Experience

The article is devoted to the theoretical and methodological study of the problem of experiencing loneliness in adolescence and empirical testing of the developed program of socio-psychological training to overcome and prevent the negative manifestations of loneliness.The purpose of the study was to test the effectiveness of the developed training, which was performed in three stages. At the ascertaining stage, the indicators of adolescents' loneliness, level of satisfaction with certain aspects of school life, level of development of vitality, self-esteem and emotional abilities (empathy, expression and management of emotions, acceptance of responsibility for one's emotions) were determined. At the formative stage, training was conducted with two groups of adolescents, each of which included 15 participants. At the control stage, the differences between the indicators of loneliness experienced by adolescents, the level of satisfaction with certain aspects of school life, the level of vitality, self-esteem and the level of development of emotional abilities before and after the study participants were tested. For the control group, the differences between the indicators of the first and second sections were also checked.The results of the formative stage of the study indicate the effectiveness of the implemented program of socio-psychological training for adolescents. Comparative analysis of the indicators of the first and second sections confirmed the positive changes in the experimental group after the training.
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МетодологІчнІ основИ проведеннЯ експериментальнО-фОнетичнОгО дослідженнЯ фоносемантичниХ комплексіВ В сУчасномУ англомовномУ хУдожньомУ кІнодискурсІ

This paper deals with the methodology of experimental research of phonosemantics complexes that are able to actualize the emotional function in modern English film discourse. It is claimed that such type of investigation must be held by means of perceptual and acoustic analyses. The article contains the program of investigation, its main stages including corpus, participants (auditors- informants and auditors-phoneticians), and their tasks. Acoustic analysis was directed on proving the results of perceptive analyses by counting and evaluation of tonal, dynamic and temporal characteristics. The given methodological grounds create a fundamental basis for investigation of phonosemantic means and complexes of modern English motion pictures.
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ЗначЕниЕ программныХ документоВ В процЕссЕ формированиЯ И становлениЯ основныХ принципоВ методологИИ научно-исследовательской деятельностИ первой четвертИ ХХ столетиЯ

The article considers the importance of program documents in the process of formation and establishment of the basic principles of the methodology of research activities of the first quarter of the twentieth century. The study of the features of the collection, recording and systematization of folklore- ethnographic material in this temporary period made it possible to clarify the features and specifics of collecting activities. Based on the study of the analysis principles of collection, records and studies of folklore and ethnographic material. The main methodological principles have been identified and identified, which the foundation of the region is considered as for further research and development of Ukrainian musical folklore of the first quarter of the XX century.
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