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Utilizing Wordpress In Investigating English Foreign Learners' Reading Strategies

The purpose of this study is to reveal what kinds the students' reading strategies. The Participant in this research were the students of third semester of English Education Department of STKIP Muhammadiyah Pringsewu Lampung who took Reading 2. There were 38 students who involved in this research. Since this research used qualitative research design that involved case study, the researcher only took 5 students as the representative of group created by researcher in order to get rich and deep information. The data collecting technique used in this research were think-aloud protocol, reflective journal that uploaded through wordpress and interview guide for reading strategies. In analyzing the data, the researcher carried out some activities, namely describing, classifying, and connecting. The research finding obviously describe that the students used three main strategies in reading namely, Cognitive Reading Strategy, Metacognitive Reading Strategy and Compensation Reading Strategy.
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The Effect Of Using Random Picture Game Toward Students' Speaking Ability At The Second Semester Students Of Business English Study Program Of Bengkalis State Polytechnic

Speaking skills has become the major priority to be taught between the four skills since communicative approach communication has been influenced in foreign language learning. Random Picture game is one of communicative technique that can motivate students in speaking English. This study aimed to find out the effect of using Random Picture Game toward students' speaking ability at the second semester students of Business English Study Program. This research used experimental research design. It was conducted at State Polytechnic of Bengkalis. The design of this research was pre-experimental design with one group pretest and posttest. The population of this research was the second semester students with the total population was 20. The sample was taken by saturation sampling. This technique included all members of the population as the sample of the study. 20 students was the sample of this research. The result of this research was students who were taught by using random picture game had a significant effect toward speaking ability. In conclusion, random picture game can be used as a teaching technique in teaching speaking. For further researchers, this technique can be applied by English lecturers to other skills.
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The Making Of Dart Board Game For Elementary School Students

The mastery of vocabulary is one of important factors to support language skill. Meanwhile, to make the student master the vocabulary is not an easy thing. They need media to help them in learning process. There are some ways should be applied to help student understand easily. One of them is learning vocabulary by using game.The main purpose of this research is to make a Dart Board game. This game can be used as an alternative learning vocabulary especially for Elementary School Students. The result of this study is a set of Dart Board Game, four set sheets of cards, and six darts. This game can be used in classes during learning-teaching process to help the students memorizeEnglish vocabulary easly.
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