p-ISSN 2338-4344

e-ISSN 2686-200X

Jurnal Ilmiah Biologi Eksperimen dan Keanekaragaman Hayati (J-BEKH) is an academic journal published by the Biology Department of FMIPA UNILA in collaboration with the Indonesian Association of Biology (PBI) Lampung Branch. This journal focuses on the fields of: Agricultural, Animal Sciences, Bioconservation, Biopharmacology, Biotechnology, Biomedical, Biological control, Behavioural ecology, Plant Sciences, Ecology, Fishery, Marine Biology, Fresh Water Biology, Microbiology, Immunobiology, Ecotoxicology, and Parasitology.

Subjects: Agriculture & Food Security, Life & Biological Sciences, Ecology, Biomedical Sciences

Accreditation: Not accredited.

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