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Application of Altman Modified Z-Score to Predict Financial Distress in the Indonesian Telecommunications Industry

Bankruptcy prediction is needed to assess the prospect of going concern and sustainability of the corporations in the future. This study aims to predict the bankruptcy of corporates with the Altman Z-Score Modification model in the telecommunications industry in Indonesia. The data used are the financial statements of the telecommunications industry that listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period 2011-2015. Samples for this study uses purposive sampling according to company criteria. The results of the study using the Altman Z-score modification method found two potentially bankrupt companies, namely Bakrie Telecom, Tbk, and Smartfren, Tbk. While Indosat, Tbk, and XL Axiata, Tbk have high financial distress potential due to liquidity and profitability problems that tend to weaken. Meanwhile, Telkom Indonesia, Tbk, and Infracom Inovisi financial concessions are relatively healthy and have the right business expectations
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Karakteristik Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas YARSI

This study examines to capture a description of entrepreneurial characteristics owned by students of the Faculty of Economics, University of YARSI. As a reference, this study uses seven entrepreneurial characteristics formulated by Bezzina (2010), namely: Need of Achievement, Internal Locus of Control, Ambiguity Tolerance, Self-Confidence, Creativity or Innovativeness, Risk-taking Propensity, and Self-sufficiency or Freedom. Furthermore, this research uses quantitative descriptive method to get an idea to what extent entrepreneurial characteristics mastered by students of the Faculty of Economics, University of YARSI.Questionnaires distributed to 150 respondents consist of alumni and active students who have received Entrepreneurship courses, both from Accounting and Management major. In general, the entrepreneurial characteristics in the Faculty of Economics YARSI University is classified Medium, but there are two dimensions that fall into High category, which are Need of Achievement and Self-confidence. The finding also showed that male respondents had higher entrepreneurial characteristics than female respondents. In addition, Management students also had better characteristics than Accounting's, while the alumni's entrepreneurial characteristics are more developed than the active students.
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Intensi Konsumen terhadap Kosmetik dan Produk Skincare Halal di Indonesia: Pendekatan Theory Of Planned Behavior

This study aims to analyze the factors that influence consumer intention to halal cosmetics andskincare products in Indonesia. Data were collected through questionnaires, 120 responses were obtained from halal cosmetics and skincare products consumers in Indonesia. This study uses quantitative and explanatory methods which are analyzed using multiple linear regression with the SPSS software. The results showed that the attitude, subjective norms and perceptions of behavioral control positively and significantly influenced the intention of consumers to buy cosmetics and halal skincare products in Indonesia. By learning the intention of consumers can understand the market potential of the cosmetics and skincare products industry so that it can stimulate the growth of the cosmetics and skincare products industry in Indonesia and the world.