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An Analysis of Moral Value in Short Story “the Last Leaf” by O Henry Image
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An Analysis of Moral Value in Short Story “the Last Leaf” by O Henry

This research discussed about the moral values as found out in the last leaf short story. Moral values were found out by using sociological theory. This research used method descriptive qualitative. This instrument used was the short story of The Last Leaf. The researcher also used other information about moral values. Researchers also use the theory of moral values in orderto better know what moral values are contained in the short story of The Last Leaf. Based on the sociological approach, there are three perspectives: functional perspective, symbol perspective, conflict perspective. After analyzing the researcher found some moral values, namely Tolerance, Fairness, Belief, Kind-hearted, honesty, and responsibility.
Flouting Maxims in “White House Down“ Movie Image
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Flouting Maxims in “White House Down“ Movie

Cooperative principles theorized by Grice (1975) explained the way people use the language well and efficiently. There are four maxims in order to have achieve connection during conversation which are maxim of quality, maxim of quantity, maxim of relation, and maxim of manner. The fact is people often not follow and disobey the Cooperative principle and flouts maxim, it is called flouting maxim. The aim of this research was to discuss about the types of maxim which were flouted in the movie "White House Down" written by James Vand Erbilt. As the result, there were 15 data found in the research which flouted, maxim of quantity 4 data, maxim of quality 2 data, maxim of manner 5 data, and 4 data maxim of relation.
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Students\u0027 Grammatical Error in Delivering the Impromptu Speech Image
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Students' Grammatical Error in Delivering the Impromptu Speech

The purpose of this research was to find out the types of grammatical errors frequently made by students in delivering the impromptu speech. The aim of learning a language is to be able to communicate in a right way. There is no a silent language knowledge, a language must be produced in words to achieve its goals in learning second or foreign language comprehending. Trough speaking, we can see how is a speaker skill in mastering a lang uage. A good speaker is who able to produce language which arranged as its rule. In speaking, appropriate sentence structure and context are very helping in order to gain listener‟s comprehending. In collecting the data, the researcher used documentation of video of impromptu speech. A method to analyze the error is called error analysis. The indicators are: (a) Morphology error (b) Syntax error. From these indicators, the researcher find out students‟ grammatical error in delivering the impromptu speech. In this research, the researcher found 127 errors in morphology. Those were 34 (14,5%) errors in noun, 77 (33%) errors in verb, 4 (2%) errors in adjective, 2 (1%) errors in adverb, 10 (4%) errors in preposition. In syntax was found 107 errors. Those were 26 (11%) errors in phrase, 33 (14%) errors in clause, 21 (9%) errors in sentence, and 27(11,5%) errors in intersentence. From the result, the researcher concluded that the most frequent grammatical error found in verb.
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