Jurnal Ekonomi Pertanian dan Agribisnis

Journal published by Brawijaya University



p-ISSN 2614-4670

e-ISSN 2598-8174

Jurnal Ekonomi Pertanian dan Agribisnis

Jurnal Ekonomi Pertanian dan Agribisnis (JEPA) is a journal regularly published by the Department of Social Economics on a quarterly basis for the purpose of disseminating the results of research and services carried out by students, lecturers, researchers and service providers. The scientific topic that surrounds JEPA is the broad field of agriculture and agribusiness. All papers published online by JEPA are open to readers and anyone can download or read journals without subscribing or paying.

Subjects: Trade & Economy, Agriculture & Food Security, Business, Management & Operations

Accreditation: Certified Local Journal (Grade 4) by Ristekdikti.

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