Jurnal Kajian Teknologi Pendidikan (JKTP)

Journal published by State University of Malang

Jurnal Kajian Teknologi Pendidikan (JKTP)

Jurnal Kajian Teknologi Pendidikan (JKTP) is a journal in the field of educational technology that contains literature reviews, action research, case study research, and empirical findings in scientific disciplines of educational technology theories and practices. The covered topics have involved the foundation and philosophy of educational technology, design and implementation, assessment and evaluation, strategies and models of general and specific learning, research and development methods, research and development methods, emerging technologies, and technology integration in learning.

Subjects: Education

Accreditation: Certified Local Journal (Grade 4) by Ristekdikti with Accreditation No. B/4130/E5/E5.2.1/2019.

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