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Apparatus Professionalism and Public Service Ethics

To make changes in the organization and increase the professionalism of the apparatus it is important to redefine what the organization wants to achieve, build a payroll system that promotes the value of fairness and build organizational structures that allow for rapid decision-making processes. many factors can affect the professionalism of the apparatus, including the organizational culture that arises and crystallizes in bureaucratic traffic, organizational goals, organizational structure, work procedures in bureaucracy, incentive systems. Public service providers must study ethical norms that are universal because they can be used as guidelines for their behavior in providing services to the community.
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The “Belt and Road” Initiative and Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia

Since China's proposal of the “Belt and Road” initiative in 2013, the relationship between China and Southeast Asia has continued to develop. This achievement is inseparable from a large number of overseas Chinese living in Southeast Asia. As an indispensable and unique force to promote the construction of the “Belt and Road”, the Southeast Asians Chinese have played an irreplaceable role: such as support of Chinese culture spreading, building confidence and disambiguation among countries, and economic and trade cooperation. The problems and challenges facing Chinese culture in Southeast Asia are not only related to the development of Chinese society in Southeast Asia but also the current development of Chinese native culture. To overcome the problems and challenges encountered in the process of inheriting Chinese culture in Southeast Asia, we must clearly understand the status of overseas Chinese and the role that overseas Chinese can play to maximize their role and influence as carriers and bridges.
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Implementation of Progressive Legal Theory in Law Enforcement in Indonesia

The aim of this research is to analyze progressive legal theory in law enforcement in Indonesia. This research used a normative research method by examining library materials regarding the Implementation of Progressive Legal Theory in Law Enforcement in Indonesia. The approach in this research was a statute approach and a conceptual approach. Normative research used 2 types of legal materials, namely primary and secondary legal materials. The technique of collecting legal materials in this research used written techniques or commonly referred to as library research. Legal materials analyzed using the Conceptual Analyzer. The research result obtained was a fundamental ideology in Progressive Legal Theory according to Prof. Sadjipto Raharjo is achieving broad justice for society. When the justice produced by positive law only produces benefits for certain individuals and groups, law enforcement officials are required to think philosophically to carry out liberations in knowledge, theorizing, and practice. Thus it can be concluded that in the implementation of Progressive Legal Theory in Indonesia, it would be wise to start with the development of the rule of law. Progressive legal also has similarities with sociological jurisprudence in terms of focus on legal studies which do not only see law as written rules.
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