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Analisis Kemampuan Peserta Didik SMP di Bangkinang melalui Penyelesaian Soal Pisa 2015

This study aims to analyze the problem solving abilities and reasoning abilities of 14-14-15 year old junior high school students through the completion of the 2015 PISA questions which are International standard questions which PISA 2015 had never been given before. This study used a qualitative research approach. Qualitative approaches were chosen with the aim of revealing more carefully the mistakes of students in completing the PISA 2015 problem. In addition, with a qualitative approach researchers can communicate directly with respondents to find out the mathematical abilities of students through the completion of the PISA 2015. Based on data analysis conducted on 120 people students by completing the 2015 PISA questions in the category of problem solving abilities of students, most of the students were unable to answer the question. The biggest obstacle experienced is students do not know the completion steps that must be done in solving the problems given. In the category of reasoning ability, where the problem is still inductive reasoning, students are able to answer well, but for deductive reasoning students are not able to provide possible answers.
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Analisis Hubungan Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Matematis dan Self Confidence Siswa SMP

This study aims to analyze the achievement and improvement of problem solving skills of junior high school students through the application of guided inquiry method. This research is an experimental research with research design in the form of pretest-posttest Control Group Design, which is design of pretest-posttest control group involving two groups and sampling is done randomly class. Population in this research is all students in one of junior high school in Sukabumi Regency. The sample in this research is the students of class VIII SMPN 1 Sukaraja which has population characteristics. From all the existing classes VIII, two classes were chosen randomly to be sampled. The instrument used is the test of mathematical problem solving ability. Based on the result of the research, it can be concluded that the achievement of the problem solving ability of mathematical students in learning using guided inquiry method is better than the students who use ordinary learning. Then the improvement of students' mathematical problem solving skills in the learning using guided inquiry method is better than the students who use ordinary learning