Jurnal Penyuluhan Perikanan dan Kelautan (JPPIK)

Journal published by Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan



p-ISSN 1978-6514

e-ISSN 2684-8651

Jurnal Penyuluhan Perikanan dan Kelautan (JPPIK)

Jurnal Penyuluhan Perikanan dan Kelautan is published by the Department of Fisheries Counseling in ST Perikanan. The journal publishes articles that contain the results of research in the field of fisheries in the broadest sense. Topics that can be published through this journal include fisheries counselling; fisheries community empowerment; conservation and fisheries resources; social and economic fisheries; aquaculture; fish processing; utilization of fisheries resources; and fish catching. This journal has been published since 2007.

Subjects: Marine Science, Fisheries & Aquaculture

Accreditation: Not accredited.

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