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Manajemen Risiko Terhadap Black Swan Event Maret 2020 Di Indonesia. Studi Kasus Efek Covid-19 Terhadap Pasar Modal Indonesia

COVID-19 has caused many significant impacts on various businesses in Indonesia. This pandemic was first announced by government on March 2020 and as the result, Indonesia Composite Index moved toward down trend. To investigate this matter, this result applied event study and non-parametric test (Wilcoxon Signed Test) on observed IHSG from December 2019 to March 2020. The result confirmed that indeed after announcement, IHSG significantly decreased and loss almost 50% from initial value in December 2019. This research also suggests that this event cannot consider as Black Swan event because IHSG moved gradually decrease since February 2020. This research also offers some contingency plan and risk management concept to overcome this pandemic crisis.
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General Business Environment PT. Xxx Indonesia

The purpose of external factor analysis is to see the opportunities and threats that will be faced by PT. XXX Indonesia due to changes in the external environment. From the results of this analysis it is expected that PT. XXX Indonesia can design any strategies that can be done to sustain the tourism industry. External factors used in this analysis are demographic environment, development economics and regional, industrial and sectoral policies, and technological environmental analysis. The data used in each analysis is broadly obtained from the Central Bureau of Statistics ( and the Central Bureau of Statistics ( Based on the analysis of these four factors, PT. XXX Indonesia needs to expand to the city of Malang, which is one of the student cities and is a city that has the largest Human Development Index (HDI) in the province of East Java, so the demand for this location is still quite high. In addition, in order to win the competition and remain sustainable in the tourism industry, the strategy that can be used by PT. XXX Indonesia is to use a cost advantage strategy. Where in this strategy profitability is obtained from the Economic of Scale. Keywords: PT XXX Indonesia, demographic environment, development and regional economics, industrial and sectoral policies, technological environmental analysis
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Observasi Data Intraday, Kajian Ilmu Keperilakuan pada Saham Hrta

It is very long story from the beginning of our financial system until the era of information technology. At the first time money was created in order to simplified and made trade more convenient for the human. But through the history the function of money has started to disoriented and changed, not just as tools but also something that signaling our wealth and our wants. Investing nowadays not only worked and transacted very fast and accurate but also made human chasing the money and wealth as the purpose of life. These pheomonema sometimes lead human into heuristic bias in decision making about investment. In some big event such as financial crisis, researcher concludes that might be an error in human decision making. Cause of this error might be the intuitive system of our thinking process. So in this research, researcher wants to examine some signal of behavioral aspect of investor decision making in intraday data.
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