Jurnal Ilmiah Al-Jauhari

Journal published by Institut Agama Islam Negeri Sultan Amai Gorontalo



p-ISSN 2541-3430

e-ISSN 2541-3449

Jurnal Ilmiah Al-Jauhari

Al-Jauhari Scientific Journal is an interdisciplinary journal of Islamic Studies that disseminates and publishes scholarly scientific writings in the fields of Islamic Education, Al-Quran and Hadith, Islamic Thoughts, Fiqh and Islamic Law, Islamic History and Civilization, Modernity, Language, Islamic Literature, and Islamic Communication. The journal is expected to contribute constructively and comprehensively to the enlightenment of Islamic knowledge. This journal is published in two editions every year, in June and December.

Subjects: Islamic Studies

Accreditation: Not accredited.

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