Jurnal Ilmu Ekonomi dan Pembangunan (JIEP)

Journal published by Sebelas Maret University



p-ISSN 1412-2200

e-ISSN 2548-1851

Jurnal Ilmu Ekonomi dan Pembangunan (JIEP)

Jurnal Ilmu Ekonomi dan Pembangunan (JIEP) FEB UNS is a journal that is consistent in supporting the publication of scientific papers in the field of economics with credible and democratic management in accepting the development of both mainstream and non-mainstream discourses. JIEP FEB UNS publishes scientific papers that are theoretical (discussion of theory and scientific discourse) and applicable (applied) in two languages (Indonesian and English).

Subjects: Trade & Economy, Economic Development

Accreditation: Certified Local Journal (Grade 4) by Ristekdikti.

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