Jurnal Manajemen Magister Darmajaya

Journal published by Darmajaya Informatics and Business Institute



p-ISSN 2442 - 5559

e-ISSN 2443-2881

Jurnal Manajemen Magister Darmajaya

Jurnal Manajemen Magister Darmajaya is a print and electronic journal as a media to publish the results of research and thoughts of academics, researchers and business management practitioners. The Management Journal of the Darmajaya Masters Publishes 2 times a year, January and July. The Management Journal of the Darmajaya Masters is a means of Management information in the form of research results, literature studies and scientific writings which are more prioritized for scientific publications of postgraduate students in the management of IBI Darmajaya.

Subjects: Business, Management & Operations

Accreditation: Not accredited.

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