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Educational Financing Management in Tarekat–based Pesantren

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Adolescent Moral Development in Families

This study aimed to investigate parents' goals and objectives in fostering the moral values to their adolescents, parents' moral values instilled toward their teenagers, parents' approach and methods in instilling moral values, and parents' guidance development in nurturing moral values toward adolescent. This research used descriptive-analytic method, and qualitative-naturalistic approach. It applied observation, interview and documentation. It investigated three families with a different education background. Findings show that family with undergraduate education background is relatively very good in fostering the values of Akhlak Karimah to their teenagers. Their success was supported by clear goals and objectives, consistent and continuous delivery of materials, the use of appropriate approaches and methods, and good and harmonious family. These factors contributed to excellent moral education for their teenager. Family with a high school education background applied moral education using the formulation of objectives, materials, and the arrangement of a family atmosphere but the result was less optimal because they used less precise methods and approaches. Family with a junior high school education background had not achieved a satisfactory result in moral education for their teenagers because they did not formulate well objectives, materials, methods, approaches and the arrangement of a family atmosphere
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History of Development on Muslim Women's Education Empowerment Through Wasatiyyah Concept in Brunei Darussalam

This article is an attempt to explore the application of Wasatiyyah in the education system in Brunei Darussalam. This research will be focusing on the advancement of Muslim women's education since the Nation's Policy of Education has been formulated. In such, Annual Education Report and related government official documents are to be analyzed as the main resource in this article. In brief, the methodology used is library research which will be presented in descriptive and narrative approach. As a result, the research found that it is certainly notable Wasatiyyah concept is part of the country education system. It is clear and noticeable with no restriction on gender to enroll in all schools. The opportunity to get an education is equally open to all children. Besides, the government is constantly offering and encouraging all adult Muslim women to engage in long life learning with providing them with adult education to enhance their skills and knowledge in numerous field.
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Systemic and Systematic Steps of Leadership on Transforming Symbolic Into Substantive Characteristic of Madrasah

This research studies headmaster's systemic and systematic steps on transforming symbolic into substantive characteristics of madrasah. The research was conducted at MA Nahdlatu Al-Wathan Putri Narmada, a female Islamic senior high school, in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This study used qualitative approach with a case study design. The results found that the observed symbolic characteristics are physical characteristics which distinguish madrasah from other educational institutions. The substantive characteristic is the characteristic of madrasah rooted in its origin, as a historical-genealogical continuance of pesantren. It also preserves the essential, perennial and contextually philosophical values of Islamic teachings, maintains the characteristics of Islam and follows the government policy at the same time because madrasah is a juridical sub-system of the national education with an Islamic integration. Additionally, the head of a madrasah is a translator of Islamic values in his leadership. These Islamic values should be the basis of systematic and systematic leadership.
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