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Implementasi Alat Pengusir Hama Burung di Area Persawahan dengan Menggunakan Gelombang Ultrasonik Berbasis Mikrokontroler Atmega168

Burung adalah salah satu jenis hama atau pengganggu yang terdapat pada area persawahan. Untuk mengusir burung di area persawahan para petani melakukannya dengan berteriak atau memasang tali-tali yang dikaitkan dengan kaleng-kaleng. Cara ini dirasa kurang efektif untuk mengusir burung, pada kondisi lain seperti halnya jika petani sakit dan tidak bisa melakukan aktivitas tersebut. Untuk menangguangi hal tersebut perlu adanya otomatisasi untuk membantu para petani dalam mengusir hama burung pada area persawahan. Salah satunya adalah dengan menciptakan piranti otomatis tersebut, agar waktu yang terbuang untuk mengusir burung bisa digunakan untuk melakukan hal yang lain. Maka dari itu, diadakan penelitian tentang suara yang ditakuti oleh burung serta mekanisasi sebagai aleternatif untuk mendukung analisa suara yang akan dilakukan. Sebagai pengendali semua rangkaian elektronika. Rangkaian elektronika yang digunakan meliputi rangkaian mikrokontroler ATmega168., rangkaian laser (pemancar sinar), rangkaian LDR (penerima sinar) , rangkaian output suara / buzzer, dan rangkaian penampil (LCD). Bedasarkan hasil penelitian, rangkaian alat ini dapat digunakan untuk mengusir hama burung pada frekuensi 20-25 KHz sesuai dengan habitat hama burung tersebut, namun dalam penelitian ini belum didapatkan secara pasti mengenai tingkat frekuensi yang dapat digunakan untuk mengusir hama burung.
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Analisa Penerapan Waterfall pada Sistem Informasi Penjualan Hoodie “Gakuto” Berbasis Web

In this era, all needs can be obtained in a way that is easy and Fast because it is caused by technology which is getting more sophisticated from year to year, for example if we want to buy an item or clothing we must buy directly from the seller or the shops that are available. But with increasingly sophisticated technology and increasingly advanced science, we no longer need or need to bother because now there are shops that sell goods or clothing via the internet, namely by e-commerce or commonly known as online stores. Therefore the author wants to make a paper about an online store that can sell clothes - clothes easily and quickly. This application will be designed using the waterfall method, where the system is made in stages starting from analysis, system design, system development, implementation, and maintenance. To make it easier in terms of workmanship, and use PHP and MySql tools for the database, this application is the author for the community to be helped by this application. Kata kunci— E-Commerce, PHP, Online Stores, Sales
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Implementasi Teknik Steganografi Menggunakan Algoritma Transposisi Columnar

The confidentiality of data is very necessary to protect the party from unauthorized parties so that they cannot access it, for this reason steganography and encryption techniques are needed to obscure the messages sent to them in the form of images. The main purpose of this research is to make an application that is useful to enter text / plain text that will be encrypted using the encryption key to be a cypher text and then inserted into the cover image into a stego object then the results of the stego object are separated between the Cypher text and cover image, then cypher Text is decrypted using an encryption key to produce plain text. The method used in this study is the columnar transposition algorithm with the transposition model 12-21. The results obtained from this study compare the file size of the image that is the cover image, stego object, and the image resulting from the separation of the cypher text from stego object. The conclusions obtained by the file size between the cover image and stego object did not change significantly regardless of the number of sizes of text inserted / hidden text to the cover image so that the Steganography criteria, namely Fidelity, Robustness, and Recovery were fulfilled well.Keywords - cryptography, steganography, cover image, Stego object, plain text, cypher text, encryption key and columnar transposition.
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