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Penerapan Metode Graphic Rating Scale (Grs) dalam Penilaian Kinerja Karyawan

Competition increasingly competitive business trigger Muliadana company to be more innovative in improving the quality of the company. One technique used by management companies in improving the quality of human resources is to conduct employee performance appraisal. To the authors try to establish a scoring system using the Graphic Rating Scale (GRS), which is a methodology for assessing the scale of the graph by comparing the individual performance against an absolute standard. The purpose of this valuation method is to minimize the less objective assessment and can determine the development of the employee's performance over several periods. The results of the performance appraisal company can provide feedback to the employees so they can decide the steps taken in making decisions such as: promotion, promotion or class, mutation, degradation as well as training for employees in need.
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Implementasi Load Balancing Dengan Algoritma Equal Cost Multi Path (Ecmp)

The rapid development of the Internet requires a counterweight in maintaining connectivity and network stability. connectivity becomes one of the aspects that take priority in a network, and therefore the Internet connection on demand to always be stable and interference free, but not always a connection running smoothly and stable. Usually there are a variety of disorders within a network, hence the need for bakcup management of the network that are running so that if one impaired then there will be a backup. One that can be done is by using load balancing. Subyek taken in this study to focus on the implementation of the source network backup or backup Internet from the dependence of the internet service provider or ISP provider. Load balancing method using Equal Cost Multi-Path, research methods that used are library research, observation and interviews network of PT.Nipindo. As for the design begins with installing mikrotik here in after may be applied load balancing. Technical test carried out by using a ping test is performed to determine whether the connection is running well or not. The result of applying load balancing method shows ECMP load balancing goes well. Load balancing does not change the physical structure of an existing network, so it can produce optimal connections when an increase in traffic due to the balanced distribution of bandwidth.
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Perencanaan Dinding Core Wall pada Gedung Bertingkat Tinggi

In buildings , the electoral structure of the core wall are concerned, of the type of core wall core wall is open or closed wall cores , material , shape and others . Because a stiffener in high-rise buildings are also basically behaves as the core of the building whose function is to eliminate lateral forces such as seismic forces , the forces of wind and others . Required core strong wall that can withstand lateral loads that exist . Selection of the type of core wall efficiently to cost, quality and time for a multi-storey building can be done by determining the type of material used and also form the core wallnya . It is based also on the shape of the building to be made as well as the function of the building later.
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