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Pengaruh Penggunaan Youtube Terhadap Motivasi Belajar Dan Hasil Belajar Mahasiswa

This study aims to describe the learning motivation of students who use Youtube as a source of learning, knowing the effect of using Youtube on learning outcomes, and knowing the effect of student learning motivation that uses Youtube as a learning resource by utilization of learning outcomes. This study uses an experimental method in learning database design courses. The results of data processing show that student learning motivation in the category is very good. The results of the sign test showed a difference in learning outcomes between the control class and the experimental class. The results of the Linear Regression test indicate a significant influence between learning motivation and student learning outcomes.
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Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Pemanfaatan Tik oleh Guru

Not all teachers utilize ICT in organizing learning activities although they have understood that such learning strategies which really support or help level the learners mastery of the subject matter. Constraint the use of ICT by teachers are: no access, no adaanya means of ICT, learning does not integrate ICT, teachers have no knowledge of ICT, and no lack of willingness of teachers to utilize ICT. So the solution of problems utilization of ICT are: conducted socialization constantly about the potential, the benefits and importance of ICT in learning activities so that there is policy support, not only from the central government, local government, private agencies but also from the head school, (2) conducted more intensive training with a more lax or inadequate so it is possible for teachers to put into practice the results of training in the classroom, (3) the teachers responded to the advancement of ICT positively by action through the use of ICT in learning activities be a professional duties, and (4) implemented the procurement of ICT tools in schools gradually and berkelajuta, either through the government, the private sector and the community.
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Pengembangan Kurikulum dengan Memanfaatkan Teknologi Informasi dan Kumunikasi, suatu Gagasan

The purpose of this paper was to examine the repertoire of ideas for curriculum development by utilizing information and communication technology in order to provide a breakthrough on the dynamics and complexity of curriculum development practices. Results of the study showed. First, the management of the curriculum development process that includes activities to share ideas, argument, contributedscientific papers, give feedback, provide feedback, the rationality of the policy decision makers, data processing, how the curriculum management, and results of develop ment can utilize information and communication technologies. Second, to take advantage of information technology and communication in curriculum development has some added value, such as easy in terms of faster information obtained, the cost in the sense that it does not require huge resources, broad reach in the sense that everyone can get involved, efficient and effective way to share, and provide a forum of freedom of speech which is at once loose the bonds of values or certain cultural norms. Third, the idea of developing a curriculum by utilizing information and communication technology as well as encouraging developers literate not only technology, but also able to understand, perceive, and apply power to the significance of the technology. Fourth, curriculum development by utilizing information and communication technology is considered a breakthrough way of working in this digital era
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