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Faktor-Faktor Penyebab Penyimpangan dalam Penafsiran Al-Quran

Mufasir menafsirkan al-Quran seharusnya bukan disesuaikan dengan kehendak mufasir, tetapi harus sesuai dengan kehendak Dzat yang memfirmankan al-Quran. Mufasir harusnya dalam menafsirkan al-Quran menggunakan prinsip kehati-hatian. Jadi kepribadian mufasir menjadi sangat dibutuhkan karena sikap subjektivitas dari si mufasir berpengaruh besar terhadap penafsiran. Kemudian Kuatnya pengaruh aliran yang mendominasi pemikiran mufasir sehingga ia senantiasa berusaha mengerahkan seluruh kemampuan dan daya pikirnya dalam menafsirkan ayat al-Quran supaya cocok dengan paham yang dianutnya.
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Manusia di Era Kebudayaan Digital

The aims of paper is digging beneath the ontological relations between human and technology. It is handled by drawing a inspiration from Martin Heidegger's thought, specifically the period of Heidegger II. This library research discusses two key of Heidegger's texts against technology, namely: “Questions concerning Technology” and “Discourse about Thinking”. The paper provides some findings: 1) The Dasein reconstruction transforms toward Digi-sein as the only and one Questioner of Being that exist within a heart of digital culture; 2) Heideggerian destruction of gestell as a framed way of thinking that makes humans and technology relations become non-free relations. Heidegger calls calculative thinking as actually "flight from thinking". Gestell shackles us in exploitative ways of thinking that oppose disclosure the veil of human openness to the Being; 3) Heidegger employs gelassenheit as a simple and relaxed attitude, as releasement, that was not impermeable to nuances of metaphysics and religion. Gelassenheit was living an attitude that kept a tension between saying "yes" and "no", simultaneously and ambiguously. Technology is addressed by “let it be” attitude, and release the technology as it is.
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Manusia sebagai Khalifah dalam Persfektif Islam

Human existence as a creature of God's creation on this earth has an important role in its function as a vicegerent on earth. Allah not only regulates the life associated with the worship of God, but God also regulate how humans perform its role on this earth as caliph who aims to be the safety of the world and the hereafter. In the Islamic concept, man is the vicegerent namely as a representative, a replacement or a god in advance bumi.dengan ambassador of his position as Caliph of Allah on earth, man will be held accountable before him. About how he was a holy duty caliphate. Therefore, in executing the responsibilities that humans are equipped with a variety of potential as a mind that provides the ability for humans to do so
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