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Miqot Journal of Islamic Studies is a peer reviewed academic journal established in 1976 as part of the State Islamic University of North Sumatra's dedication to disseminating scholarly articles in various branches of Islamic Studies. Miqot welcomes contributions fields such as Quranic Studies, Prophetic Traditions, Theology, Philosophy, Law and Economics, History, Education, Communication, Literature, Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology.

Subjects: Islamic Studies

Accreditation: Certified National Journal (Grade 2) by Ristekdikti with Accreditation No. 040/P/2014.

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  • Milhan Milhan
    Miqot • 2008
    Metode Hamka dalam Penafsiran al-Qur'an. Di antara sekian penafsir al-Qur'an modern di Indonesia, Hamka memiliki keunikan dalam pendekatannya. Pendekatan ini dapat disebut sebagai pendekatan sistemik,...
  • Hasnun Jauhari Ritonga
    Miqot • 2008
    Epistemological Foundations of Islamic Communication. Epistemology is a branch of philosophy which is inherent in the superstructureof knowledge. Epistemology discusses the process of acquiring knowle...
  • Lahmuddin Lubis
    Miqot • 2008
    The Prophet and the Principles of Islamic Counseling. From a professional perspective Islamic counseling is a recent origin and few scholars have addressed this area of study in a significant way. Th...
  • Fatimah Zuhrah
    Miqot • 2008
    Islam and Democracy: Relationship and Compatibilities. In recent years, Islam and democracy have often been characterized as polar opposites. Democracy is seen as modern and forward-looking, whereas I...
  • Achyar Zein
    Miqot • 2008
    The Qur'anic Perspectives on Donation (Infâq). Wealthdistribution is an important concept regarding social welfare. One of key concepts on wealth distribution in the Qur'an is infâq, which stands for ...
  • Lias Hasibuan
    Miqot • 2008
    The Development Competency Learning Based System in Islamic Religious Higher Learning. Classroom learning activities will be effective if such process is undertaken in a comprehensive approach system....
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