Misykat Al-Anwar

Journal published by University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta



p-ISSN 0854-6460

e-ISSN 2502-2970

Misykat Al-Anwar

Misykat Al-Anwar: Jurnal Kajian Islam dan Masyarakat is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. The focus and scope of this journal are limited to the Islamic studies, in particular, the fields of tarbiya (Islamic education), da'wah (Islamic communication) and sharia (Islamic law and economics) in relation to society in Indonesia and the Islamic world. The journal was first published in 2002.

Subjects: Islamic Studies

Accreditation: Certified Local Journal (Grade 5) by Ristekdikti with Accreditation No. 21/E/KPT/2018.

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