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Status Hukum Pernikahan Colong Mempelai Wanita di Desa Sraten Kecamatan Cluring Perspektif KHI dan Adat Image
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Status Hukum Pernikahan Colong Mempelai Wanita di Desa Sraten Kecamatan Cluring Perspektif KHI dan Adat

The definition of marriage and its purpose in the Compilation of Islamic Law is stated in article 2 that is, the marriage according to Islamic Law is marriage, that is a very strong contract of duty to obey God's commands and to implement it is worship and Article 3 that is, Marriage aims to realize the life of a household that sakinah, mawaddah, and rahmah. Marriage is an inner born bond between a man and a woman as a husband and wife with the aim of forming a happy and eternal family based on the Supreme Godhead. The above definition is contained in Act No. 1 of 1974 on Marriage. Marriage has a very close relationship with religion, so marriages not only have physical / physical elements, but also have inner / spiritual elements that have an important role in life. Sraten village, Cluring subdistrict, Banyuwangi district is one of the villages in Banyuwangi with different cultures in marriage. In the village of Sraten there is a marriage where a prospective bride is kidnapped by the man. According to information on observation and interim interview information to informal grandchildren such practice has been passed down to generations, so it is not taboo anymore, because not just one or two times, the practice of marriage with a kidnapped female candidate has been done a lot. Therefore, according to researchers it is important to be more in-depth on the basis of appropriate research theory and methodology so as to produce credible and scientifically accountable data. It is concluded based on the distinction between the theoretical and field data analysis that the marriage collateral that occurs in the Sraten Village of his law is legitimate, since the wedding of the colong is not substantive in terms of the terms and the rukun pernikahan, but the wedding of the colong is just an expression or name of a custom in a the area in this case is the Sraten village community with the aim of maintaining the relationship between the two lovers so that the spouses are involved. Furthermore, the views of the Sraten village community towards the colong marriage during the marriage are approved by both families and guardians from the parties who are willing to guard, the legal status of the marriage is valid and there is no problem.
Pengembangan Manajemen Santri dalam Pondok Pesantren (Studi Kasus pada Pondok Pesantren Nurul Qona\u0027ah Desa Karangkedawung Kecamatan Mumbulsari Kabupaten Jember) Image
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Pengembangan Manajemen Santri dalam Pondok Pesantren (Studi Kasus pada Pondok Pesantren Nurul Qona'ah Desa Karangkedawung Kecamatan Mumbulsari Kabupaten Jember)

Abstact: Management of an Islamic boarding school institution in an effort to empower santri needs to hold conceptual and strategic operational efforts so as to be able to prepare qualified human resources who are ready to compete in the era of globalization which is full of competence. The focus of this research is (1) How is planning in the development of santri (2) How is supervision in the development of santri. In achieving the research objectives, the method used is a phenomenological qualitative approach, as for the type of research case study, the data in this study consisted of primary and secondary data while in selecting and determining informants in this study, using the technique of snowball sampling. For data collection using procedures, interviews, participant observation, and documentation. Furthermore, in analyzing the data used descriptive qualitative data analysis techniques, with steps: (a), data reduction, (b) data presentation, and (c) drawing conclusions. While testing the validity of data through, Presistent Observation, Triangulation sources, Peerderieting
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Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH) Maron Genteng Banyuwangi dan Pandangan Aspek Keagamaan Image
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Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH) Maron Genteng Banyuwangi dan Pandangan Aspek Keagamaan

The metamorphosis of public organizations in response to internal and external demands is manifested in the form of reform, revitalization and the formation of government networks. The government is required to always adjust to the development of the environment. This adjustment is an effort to respond to the development of society and the global environment. External factors require public organizations to be more flexible in governance. This article wants to discuss the efforts of the Banyuwangi Regency government and the collaboration that was carried out in order to fix green open space in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. The approach used in writing this paper is a socio-legal approach that combines normative approaches with research results, assessment results, and other references and is reinforced by empirical research conducted through interviews and observations. This research found the existence of efforts by the city government to develop regulations related to the regulation of green open space as well as various collaborative efforts between government, civil society and the private sector in the implementation of the development of green open spaces in Banyuwangi Regency. The preparation of legal instruments and the establishment of government networks is actually part of the new public governance paradigm that seeks to optimize the roles of government and stake holders in the development of green open spaces. This study also found that the role of the community as a civil society was considered important in promoting democratic governance, the effectiveness of regulations that were oriented to the public interest.  
Studi Analitis Peristiwa Isra\u0027 Mi\u0027raj Nabi Muhammad SAW dalam Pendekatan Sains Image
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Studi Analitis Peristiwa Isra' Mi'raj Nabi Muhammad SAW dalam Pendekatan Sains

About 1400 years ago, we heard of a great event from the Arab land, Isra 'Mi'raj. However, over time, and the times are getting better with increasing science theory. Then the events of Isra and Mi'raj can be revealed in modern physics so that they can be accepted by human reason. Through Einstein's theory of relativity, E = m.c2 (where E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light), Isra 'Mi'raj becomes an event that is no longer irrational, but rational and scientific. Then, on what part of the theory of relativity play a role in explaining the events of Isra 'and Mi'raj of the Prophet Muhammad SAW scientifically? All will be explored comprehensively and systematically in this paper.
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