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Analisis Kepuasan Mahasiswa terhadap Kinerja Dosen

Increasing competition,many universities that involved in fulfilling the needs and desires of students cause every collag e put the orientation on satisfaction of the students as a primary goal so many parties concern with the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of students in collage. This research aims to determine the response of students to performance of the lecture of Unisma and determine the factors of service (performance) that affect satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the student of Unisma. The research method that is used is descriptive analysis by using the level of expectation and performance that is presented using Cartesian diagram. The general performance of lecturer is not yet fully comply with the expectation of the students because the of compliance 97,33% smaller than 100%. Students rate the performance which is the highest is (4,15) on personal authority as lecturer and the lowest (3,38) on the diversity of measurement way in learning outcomes. The highest of compliance level is 102,52% on “personal authority as lecturer”, and from whereas the order of compliance from the highest to the lowest level is the aspect of personality competence (99,11%), social competence (99,06%), professional competence (96,52%), dan pedagogic competence (95,91%).
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Pengaruh Keahlian Pengguna terhadap Kinerja Sistem Informasi dengan Variabel Intervening Partisipasi, Kecemasan, Kepuasan, Derajat Penerimaan, dan Ketidakpastian Kerja

Development of information system (IS) is crucial action in the organization. Different contextual variables have been found to affect various aspects of the information system project. The purposes of this research are to study the impact of implementation of computer based system information in banks. User participation, user skills, computer anxiety, user satisfaction to use IS, user acceptance, and job uncertainty classified as variables exogenous. Endogenous variable is performance of information systems. There were fourteen hypothesis would be examined. Data for the study were collected from 100 banks in East Java through questionnaire responses. Results indicate user skills affect to user participation of IS implementation and level of computer anxiety. Also, users participation affect to motivation, user acceptance, and job satisfaction. The performance of IS was influenced job satisfaction, and user acceptance
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Analisis Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Penyaluran Dana Perbankan Syariah di Indonesia Sebelum dan Sesudah Kebijakan Akselerasi Perbankan Syariah Tahun 2007/2008

This research was aimed to examine about factors related to amount of financing syariah banking. Complexity effects of non performing financing (NPF), Wadiah certificate of Indonesian Banking (SWBI) and third funding sector (DPK) before and after syariah banking acceleration policy. This research was carried out at Jakarta with sampling was conducted by purposive sampling technique, by criteria Bank Muamalat Indonesia was oldest syariah bank in Indonesia. Collecting data was conducted by report of Statistical Syariah Banking 2006 – 2008. Data analysis used dual regression linear method. The result of research showed that DPK, NPF AND SWBI rate affect as positive and significant to financing fluctuation of syariah banking. Before syariah banking acceleration policy, financing of syariah banking growth more rapidly if compared with after syariah bankingacceleration policy.
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Pengaruh Waktu dan Jenis Industri pada Strategi Manajemen Modal Kerja: Survey pada Industri Otomotif, Garment dan Makanan di Bursa Efek Jakarta

Working capital inventories is strategic activity, total of working capital influence by choice of strategic organization. Research founding indicates that working capital ratio depend on industry but not on time and interaction of industries and time. This is suggested that firm must optimized the total working capital.
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Customer Value Sebagai Sumberdaya Informasi Bagi Perusahaan

Buy a product or services is a process and are influenced many factors. ext. customer's satisfaction. The concept of customer satisfaction suggests strong relationship to customer value in a hierarchical model. Starting at the bottom of the hierarchy, customer learn to think about products and performances attribute. When purchasing and using a product, they learn concequence experiences, reflected in value in use and possession value, that is the next level up in the hierarchy. The top level , customer achieve their goals and purposes to attach goal-based satisfaction. Customer value is a customer's perceived preference for and evaluation of those product attributes, attribute performances and consequences arising from use that facilitate (or block) achieving the customer's goals and purposes in use situations. There are many information in a organization. Customer value is one of this information that is used to marketing decisition making. An organization need to form the customer's value because that is influence the customer's satisfaction. And the next, customer's satisfaction will influence the buying-decision.
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