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Pengaruh Metode Pembelajaran Mind Mapping terhadap Hasil Belajar pada Pokok Bahasan Hukum-Hukum Dasar Kimia Siswa Kelas X Semester Ganjil di SMA Negeri 2 Langowan

This research aims to determine the effect of mind mapping learning methods on the basic laws of chemistry toward learning outcomes of students of class X MIPA in SMA Negeri 2 Langowan. The sample used in this study were all students of class X MIPA of SMA Negeri 2 Langowan. This research uses an experimental method, with the research method used is Quasi Experiment  with Nonequivalent Control Group Design design. The research data were obtained from post-test results. Obtained the average value of student learning outcomes Experiment class is 85. The results showed the value of tcount = 15.7> ttable = 2.21, so H0 was rejected and H1 was accepted. Based on the results of the research it can be concluded that there is an influence on student learning outcomes on the basic laws of chemistry using mind mapping learning methods.
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Penggunaan Media Video dan Powerpoint pada Mata Pelajaran Kimia Materi Larutan Penyangga dalam Pembelajaran Daring

The purpose of this research to see is there are differences in student chemistry learning outcomes on buffer solution material on the use of video media with PowerPoint in online learning. The design used in this research is Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design. This research was conducted at SMA N 1 Kotamobagu with class XI MIA A as experimental class 1 (video media) and class XI MIA B (media PowerPoint) as experimental class 2. Normality testing using the Liliefors test showed that the data for both classes were normally distributed, and homogeneity testing using the similarity test of variance showed both classes were homogeneous. Hypothesis testing using two-way Independent Sample T-test with acceptance criteria H0 is -ttable<tcount<+ttable. It is obtained that tcount = -2.09 and ttable = 1.68 which means tcount is in the rejection region of H0, so hypothesis H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted. Therefore, it can be concluded that there are differences in student learning outcomes when using video media using PowerPoint media.
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Pengaruh Penggunaan Peta Konsep terhadap Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas X IPA SMA Negeri 2 Tondano pada Materi Ikatan Kimia

This study was conducted to see the effect of using concept maps on student learning outcomes at SMA Negeri 2 Tondano on chemical bonding material by comparing the average student learning outcomes of the experimental group using concept maps with the control group using conventional methods. The method used in this research is the experimental method in the form of Posttest Only Control Design. The population of this study were all students of class X SMAN 2 Tondano. The sample consisted of a class of 22 students, which were then divided into two groups as the experimental group and the control group, each with 11 students. Data for hypothesis testing is data obtained from the final test. Based on the hypothesis test, the result of significance (2-tailed) was 0.001. Based on the test conditions, if the significance (2-tailed) < 0.05 then Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. These results indicate that there are significant differences in student learning outcomes from the experimental group and the control group, which means that the use of concept maps has a significant effect on student learning outcomes.
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