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Patron\u002Dklien Pekerja Pabrik Rokok Wismilak Bojonegoro Image
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Patron-klien Pekerja Pabrik Rokok Wismilak Bojonegoro

The interaction between workers and foremen in the Wismilak cigarettes factory Bojonegoro is not only occurring in the work environment. Shown by the phenomenon of “silahturahmi”. This study will provide an overview of the patron-client relationship on workers and foremen. The theory used in this research is the patron-client of James C. Scott. The method used was qualitative with the approach of the phenomenology of Alfred Schutz. Research locations in district of Bojonegoro regency Baureno. The results of this research exposes the protection provided in the form of reward to labour foreman/servants to be more spirit in their work. While labour also give their loyalty through the aid effort and concern.
Fenomenologi Ritual Malam Jumat Legi Warga Nahdlatul Ulama Desa Kemlagi, Kecamatan Kemlagi, Kabupaten Mojokerto Image
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Fenomenologi Ritual Malam Jumat Legi Warga Nahdlatul Ulama Desa Kemlagi, Kecamatan Kemlagi, Kabupaten Mojokerto

The existence of Java culture in Kemlagi, Mojokerto is still kept away. Malam Jum’at legi is one of tradition or ritual that still exist. Interestingly, this tradition becomes one of worship rituals of NU’s community believe. In this study, the researcher tried to find out how does NU’s community interpret about Malam Jum’at legi  as a tradition that changed become one of worship rituals. In addition, the researcher also tried to discover how does the way of this ritual implemented included the configuration of this ritual, the essential value of this worship ritual and the process of social interaction, which aim of this ritual will be directed. This ritual probably leads to associative or dissociative for human society. This study used culture acculturation theorists to know how does Malam Jum’at legi  ritual is finally changing and marge become Islamic Java culture. So, this study uses symbolic interaction theorists George Herbert Mead and Herbert Blummer. This theory is about the concept of “Self” is“I”, “Me”which shows the interaction symbols that have been implemented by the NU Kemlagi community in doing the worship activities. In addition, to give stronger evidence the meaning of this analysis, it also used Alfred Schutz’s phenomenology as an approach to know the meaning of NU’s Kemlagi in doing Malam Jum’at legi  through the motive and the subject in doing this ritual. The method that can be used for this study is a qualitative descriptive method of describing the social phenomena which are NU’s Kemlagi community activity in Malam Jum’at legi . To know the meaning of Malam Jum’at legi  ritual which is NU’s Kemlagi activity can be used phenomenology approach. The result of this study explains that Malam Jum’at legi  ritual have its own meaning for every NU’s community, straight faction and strange faction. This meaning can be based on the purposes and the objectives of them in doing malam Jum’at legi ritual such as wasilah, tahlilan, yasinan ziarah kubur, sholawatan, khatmil Qur’an, sema’an Qur’an dan shodaqohan. Based on NU straight faction, they can be called as the pure NU faction. They behave to be an associative, they agreed and very supportive in implementing this ritual because they assume that Malam Jum’at legi  is sacred night, mystics, hieratic, a moment to find blessings and to send the rewards for their dead family. Based on NU strange faction, they almost dissociative, ignorant and do not care, without following the ritual or the tradition. Therefore, they assume that Malam Jum’at legi  just a night, no meaning of that night. A night that has no idiosyncrasy and no blessing. Keywords              : Malam Jumat Legi, Ritual, Nahdlatul Ulama, 
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Rasionalitas Konsumsi Handphone pada Keluarga Miskin di Desa Kudubanjar Image
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Rasionalitas Konsumsi Handphone pada Keluarga Miskin di Desa Kudubanjar

This research about Rationality of mobile phone consumption in poor families. Obstacles faced by the community is funded by all the things not limited and also human nature who never are satisfied with any that they had have .One of the needs in the now is a cell phone that was one of the results of technological progress .They should be able to think rationally before making the decision to admit a cell phone in the need to be happening to them .This research has aimed to know and understand how rationality cell phone consumption of the poor families .Methods used in this research is qualitative research was conducted who try to dig , understand , and look for social phenomena which produces the data deep . the result of this study can be found in two types of rationality. This research uses the method the qualitative study denan the data by using observation and interview .Outcomes this research is there are several reasons buy cell phone which is to work and communication and this would be the act of rationality an instrument .One yield that research shows the act of rationality value that is buy cell phone because prestige and fear minder of to surrounding . Keywords: Rationality, Consumption, Mobile, poor family
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