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Kerja Sama Antar Umat Beragama: Pilihan Masyarakat Majemuk Image
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Kerja Sama Antar Umat Beragama: Pilihan Masyarakat Majemuk

Religion is a way of life by which God give to the mankind in order to make them aware their humanity and their duty to worship God. But we are facing the condition in which in the name of God and religion, people kill each other due to their pity and narrow mind in understanding their religion. Religion decreasing in its meaning to merely a tradition of the religion and few religious leaders take benefit from this situation to maintain his domination in society. Religious followers shouldn't have perception that people from different religions are their enemy as long as they do not make any hurts towards their belief and activities, and again, people should not force their belief to people of different religions. Interfaith relation should be based on the duty that people must respect each other and working together in the field of human relation very homogen society without loosing their belief, as the meaning of religion is to bring people to humanity and peace.
Pemilihan Langsung Presiden dan Wakil Presiden Image
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Pemilihan Langsung Presiden dan Wakil Presiden

People aspiration soon after the collapse of Soeharto in 1998has lead to the constitutional reformation. -4s has been clearly understood, The 1945 Constitution, then has been amanded four times during very short period (from 1999-2002); a change which is never happen in any country worldwide. Presidential election mechanism is one of the most important aspects in such amandement in the near coming election, the president will be choosen directly by people. But, what people should understand about direct presidential election is that this is not only a chance to get better president who is trusted by all people, but also the mechanism of election will perform as the way to run costitutional system as has been agreed stated in in the amanded constitution.
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Pendaftaran Hak Tanggungan Image
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Pendaftaran Hak Tanggungan

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