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Pengaruh Kekuatan Bending dan Tarik Bahan Komposit Berpenguat Sekam Padi dengan Matrik Urea Formaldehide

Rice husk has several advantages such as the ability to withstand humidity, nonflammable, it is not easy to mold, odorless and others. Utilization of waste rice husk is still a big chance to be used as an engineering material. By adding an inexpensive adhesive, rice husk has the potential to be engineered into flexible core product for the manufacture of composite sandwich panels. The purpose of the research conducted are: (1) Determine the influence of bending strength on the variation of the volume fraction of rice husk of Composite rice and bermatrik urea formaldehyde with the hot press at 60 ° C for 24 hours, (2) Determine the influence of tensile strength on variations the volume fraction of the rice husk and rice husk composite bermatrik urea formaldehyde with the hot press at 60°C for 24 hours and know the results of the test structures on the bending and tensile testing with macro photos. The research method is done by testing bending and tensile with a volume ratio of rice husk Vf = 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, and urea formaldehyde Vm = 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, test results obtained (1) the most optimal bending test is 5mm thick specimen with Vf = 40% of 2.73 MPa, (2) and most optimal Impact test specimen thickness is 5 mm, and Vf = 40% in the amount 0,34MPa.
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Pengaruh Annealing Dan Skin Pas Rolling Terhadap Sifat Mekanik Produk Electrolytic Cleaning Line (Ecl), Batch Temperate Roll (Btr), Dan Cold Rool Finished (Crf) Pada Proses Pembuatan Lembaran Baja Al Killed Standar

Principal stages of cold canai product is reducing the thickness of steel sheet, and then performed the annealing system in the process in a series through 3 product lines as follow: line product after ECL, process line after BTR (annealing), and product line after CRF (skin pas rolling). The objective of this research is to define the influence of the annealing skin pas rolling toward the mecanical properties product line ECL, BTR, and CRF on the process of al killed steel sheet. The selected material is Al killed steel sheet G3141-SPCQ with using the methodology such as chemical composition and mechanical testing. Mechanical testing includes test of depth erichsen, hardness and strength. The result of strength test is yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, strain hardening coefficient and ultimate strain value. The result of the research showed the effect of annealing process to mechanical properties removes brittleness in ECL, increase the depth press erichsen and elongation as well as to reduce the hardness. While the effect of skin pass rolling process are increase the value of hardness, tensile strength, and strain hardening coefficient and decrease the depth press erichsen, yield strength, elongation and ultimate strain.
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Metode Geographicallyweighted Regression pada Karakteristik Penduduk Hampir Miskin di Kabupaten/kota Pulau Jawa

Currently the government in poverty reduction programs are already starting to see the poor vulnerable population groups. The reason for the group are in a vulnerable position to be able to get into the group of poor people. In addition to the government's poverty eradication should not only globally but was based on the territorial aspect. The problem of poverty could have been influenced by the location and neighboring, so data observations difficult to be assumed independent. One of the spatial analysis are Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR). The weighting matrix for the GWR in this study was determined by adaptive bisquare function. The purpose of this study are to determine the characteristics of vulnerability households in Java and the variables that affect to it based spatial analysis with GWR. The result as follow that the influence of independent variabels in each districts/cities in Java vary significantly between regions. In addition the results of variation local coefficient produce that variabel KRT non migrants, KRT working in informal sector, and KRT low educated have significantly spatial heterogeneity in each districts/cities in Java. While large family variabels (the number of ART more than four people) and not own home is global.
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