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Agama, Konflik, dan Integrasi Sosial (Integrasi Sosial Pasca Konflik, Situbondo) Image
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Agama, Konflik, dan Integrasi Sosial (Integrasi Sosial Pasca Konflik, Situbondo)

The research discusses the integration efforts after the riot in Situbondo, East Java. Situbondo community has initiated several conflic resolutions and integrations supported by Muslims andChristian leaders. The data on the role of religious community, in this case Islam and Christian as well as the community in Situbondo in general, is gathered through observation, interview, and a survey. Secondary data is gathered through review of literure relevant to the research problems. Conflict, social integration, and reconciliation theories are used to explain and analyzeresearch problems based on the data gathered. The finding shows that integration in Situbondo community and reconsiliation effort carried out by religious communities (Islam, Christianand the whole community of Situbondo) was drawn from local wisdom in Situbondo. The local wisdom serves as social capital in manifesting integration in the community and harmonious relation among religious communities.
Filsafat Moral Ibn Hazm Image
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Filsafat Moral Ibn Hazm

This study emphasizes on Ibn Hazm Al Andalusy's ethical thoughts in his magnum opus: al Akhlaq was Siyar fi Mudawati-n-Nufus. By using content analysis approach, it's found that there are some philosophical points of Ibn Hazm's ehical thoughts which looks for good morality and happiness. Ibn Hazm stated that man shall make more efforts on removing downcast, confusion, and anxiety (thard al hamm). He alsodeclared that there are four main righteousnesses (al-fadha`il): justice (al-'adl), intelligence (al-fahm), bravery (an-najadat), and generosity(al-jud).On the contrary, there are also four main adnesses; injustice (al-jaur), folly (al-jahl), fear (al-jubn), and niggardliness (asy-syuh).
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Pengelolaan Perpustakaan Masjid di Era Globlasisasi Imformasi Image
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Pengelolaan Perpustakaan Masjid di Era Globlasisasi Imformasi

Historical fact proves that the Islamic civilization has experienced theheight of glory to the progress of the Muslim intellectual in the era of theAbbasid Caliphate. It was marked by respect and attention to the work ofDeputies scholars celebrated by establishing and developing the Islamiclibrary. One example is the Caliph al Ma'mun (813-833) who founded thelibrary is very grand and famous is “Bayt al Hikmah”.The majority of Indonesian population is followers of Islam, andIndonesia is a country with the largest number of Muslims in the world. Thatthe religious activities and religious Muslims in Indonesia central mosque.In Indonesia there are hundreds of thousands of mosques that spreadthroughout the archipelago.Library mosque as a place of religious literature must be managedproperly and professionally in accordance with the standard managementof the National Library of Indonesia in all things both management and thethings that are technical. One way is to use information technology.
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