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A Study On Students\u0027 Difficulties In Learning Vocabulary Image
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A Study On Students' Difficulties In Learning Vocabulary

The objectives of the research entitled “A Study on Students' Difficulties in Learning Vocabulary” were to find out kinds and factors of students' difficulties in learning vocabulary. The subject of this study was the students of the first semester of English Education Department at IAIN who took vocabulary class. This study employed a qualitative research design, implementing characteristics of a case study. For gaining the data, the researcher used interview and questionnaire. All the data were analyzed descriptively. The findings showed that the students still faced the problems or difficulties in vocabulary learning. Kinds of difficulties faced by students in vocabulary learning were various. Kinds of difficulties faced by the students were (1) almost all of the students have difficulties in pronouncing the words, (2) how to write and spell, (3) the different grammatical form of a word known as inflections was one of causes of students difficulties in learning vocabulary. In addition, (4) the students found difficulties in choosing the appropriate meaning of the words and (5) also still confuse in using the word based on the context. The last, (6) the students were also still confuse when they found words or expression that were idiomatic. There were some factors that caused students' difficulties in learning vocabulary (1) the written form is different from the spoken form in English, (2) The number of words that students need to learn is exceedingly large, (3) the limitations of sources of information about words, (4) The complexity of word knowledge. Knowing a words involves much more than knowing its dictionary definition, (5) causes of lack of understanding of grammatical of the words, (6) the incorrect pronunciation is often caused by the lack of sound similarity between English and the students' native language.
The Analysis of Figurative Language Used in the Lyric of Firework by Katy Perry (a Study of Semantic) Image
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The Analysis of Figurative Language Used in the Lyric of Firework by Katy Perry (a Study of Semantic)

Figurative language is a part of semantic. This research analyzed the figurative language used in the lyric of firework by Katy Perry. The aims of this research are to find out the figurative languages used in the lyric of firework and to analyze the contextual meaning of figurative language used in that song. It is expected the result of this study will be useful for the reader especially in knowing what figurative language is and what kinds of figurative language are. The design of this research is descriptive qualitative research. The data of song is got from entitle firework. The result found that there are some kinds of figurative language used in Katy perry's song entitle firework, such as simile, metaphor, hyperbole, affiliation, symbolic, paradox, and personification. The contextual meaning of each figurative language is also stated clearly. The conclusion of this research is there are some kinds of figurative language use by Katy Perry in her song entitle firework.
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The Use of Video to Enhance the Teaching and Learning Process of Listening English for University Students Image
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The Use of Video to Enhance the Teaching and Learning Process of Listening English for University Students

This article discusses and review two journal articles to determine the effect of video in English teaching and learning process especially in listening English, which is always referred to as a boring lesson. As we know that students are always feel trouble before trying Listening lessons. Most of people think that Listening class is always synonymous with listening and mention or filling in the blanks or answer questions then the class should be quiet. So, the teachers must make the class become more interactive. On the Interactive class, students not only listen, filling in the blanks, and answer questions, but they also discuss, dialogue, debate in conversation with each other and teachers can also combine the game in that classroom learning more fun and interactive. Everyone can participate in the class of Listening in the sense that they can improve their skills in listening, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and speaking. Teachers assess Listening through the application of appropriate assessment with learning Listening, such as how well they capture the information they hear from the voice or video then they can discuss it together with each other in the classroom (could play, debates, discussions, etc.).
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