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Aplikasi Soal Ujian Seleksi Peserta Pelatihan Kejuruan Operator Komputer Berbasis Multimedia untuk Mendukung Konsep “Paperless Office” di PPKD Jakarta Timur

Information and Communication Technology plays a major role in education andtraining. The impact of these developments can be seen with the heavy use of multimediaapplications and devices that are used in teaching and learning. Teaching materials from thesubject matter until the exam has started a lot is made in the form of multimedia applications.Exam is one measure the success of teaching and learning activities, though the test results arenot the only measure of the success of the teacher / lecturer / instructor / trainer and otherteachers. The common problem that occurs is the teacher / lecturer / instructor / trainer and otherteachers sometimes hit a problem of time in examinations exam results, besides the questionpaper and answer sheets can also be a waste of paper because it can not be used again on thenext exam. Wasteful use of paper at the present time is contrary to the implementation ofpaperless office is starting a lot of formal adoption by many government and private institutions.The use of multimedia-based exam application and paperless movement that has been appliedin many institutions with a wide range of issues and challenges to inspire writers to make thisarticle. This article was written based on the research that has been done in PPKD East Jakartain 2014. The aim of this study is to support the implementation of Paperless Office motion so thatthe test execution selection of trainees to be more efficient in terms of time and cost. Keywords: paperless office, multimedia, applications, test
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Pemanfaatan Teknologi Informasi dalam Penanggulangan Bencana Alam di Indonesia Berbasiskan Web

Indonesia lies at a meeting of active tectonic plates, mountain path active, temperate and tropical regions; making the most of its territory is prone to natural disasters. Based on the theory and the concept of disaster management (disasters management) which includes several stages: the stage of emergency response (response phase), phase of reconstruction and rehabilitation, preventive stage and mitigation and preparedness phases (preparedness); the disaster management efforts must be supported by a adequate information system. Geographic Information System (GIS) helps in determining the policies and coordination in disaster occurring in a disaster area, giving supplay logistics, building barracks, as well as post-disaster construction. By using GIS, it is hoped will be easier for decision makers to know the mapping of areas vulnerable to natural disasters. Due to the SIG will be described also the location of sites of natural disaster areas clearly.In this writing will be described a web-based GIS system to provide complete information regarding the geographical conditions such as weather, volcanic mountains, wind conditions and heat conditions of the territory of Indonesia. In this information system processing input data in the form of digital maps using ArcGIS and visualized using a web based Map Server.
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Ekonomi Kreatif dan Inovatif Berbasis TIK Ala Gojek dan Grabbike

Advances in Information and Communication Technology had a positive impact in various fields. One positive impact is the area of the creative economy. Those who are creative will always see a business opportunity behind the progress of Information and Communication Technology. Gojek and Grabbike are 2 pieces of creative ICT-based businesses. Both companies see tremendous business opportunities of advancement of Information and Communication Technology, although they are not a transport company but with a system of partnership both companies in a short time was able to partner with thousands of motorcycle owners who need work. The system of partnership offered by these two companies is a system for mutually beneficial results. Both companies are only taking a small percentage of the earnings of the motor driver, even the two companies still provide some additional facilities such as bonuses and insurance services to its partners. Gojek presence and Grabbike very helping thousands of people in major cities of Indonesia are having trouble finding a job or having trouble finding additional income. Through this business is not just motorists who benefited, the passengers also benefit from this business, because passengers no longer need to fear being cheated by the high rates, because the cost to be paid in accordance with the calculations provided by the application and Grabbike Gojek. Utilization of Information and Communication Technology creative and benefit all parties as this is expected to continue growing and innovating so that help and bring a positive influence to the society.
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Analisis Cara Kerja Sistem Infeksi Virus Komputer

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Metode Waterfall untuk Sistem Informasi Penjualan

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