Program Pelatihan Kesejahteraan Kesehatan Masyarakat dengan Konsep “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan” di Dusun Pajimatan – Payaman Utara, Girirejo, Imogiri, Bantul, YOGYAKARTA

Afri Yudantoko • Anang Prasetyo • Ingge Septia Cahyadi • Gangsar Pitoyo • Ikhlasul Amal

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


To realize available workers with high quality and high competitiveness, health development should be directed to consciousness increasing, desire and ability to live healthy for everybody so that the society's high health can be realized. The degree of health, education, and economy are the main pillar which have a strong connection with the imrpovement of available workers' quality, therefore, it is expected that the available workers can be persistent, productive, and able to compete to face all challenge that may be found (Healthy Minister, 2010). For that case, we, as the young generation who are really expected in giving real contribution for realizing a brighter future for Indonesia, should participate in taking concrete actions in developing the concept of “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan”as an effort to develop society life which has high conciousness in healthy life based on cooperation principle and social movement. The aims of this report composing are to know the concept of “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan”as an effort of national healthy development based on society's healthy and to know the development of “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan”as an effort of national healthy development based on society's healthy. The typical character of “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan” is appearance of some activities related to readiness of the village to anticipate and to handle the health in the village. The appearance of the good character in the society is because they make it as a habit in their life. “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan” gives a concept of society life which respects deeply the essence of mutual assistance and caring to create a healthy society environment. “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan” involves the whole counrtyside society in the program accomplishing to motivate the social movement in the effort of natioanl health based on society's health. The development of “Dusun Siaga Kesehatan” needs some methods which are integrated and continued. One of them is by using managerial principle, those are planning, acting, evaluating, and controlling. The managerial principle is expected to motivate the social movement in the effort of national health development based on society's health.



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