Pendidikan Indonesia Dalam Menghadapi ASEAN Community 2015

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Conference paper Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi 2014 • Desember 2014 Indonesia

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In lyric of Indonesia Raya anthem there is "Bangunlah jiwanya, bangunlah badannya". The fighters and the founders of Indonesia sincerely understand that to build a nation, it needs to to build the soul first. How to build a soul is through the education. If a nation wants to go forward then advance education. Indonesian education is very low at this time, and certainly because of corruption. It required an approach and moral cultivation of anti-corruption. moral cultivation of anti-corruption can be done by education of anti-corruption. The anti-corruption education can be provided in the form of courses in college, especially in the teacher training college. Implementation of Anti-Corruption Education courses will be the defence of corrupt behavior of students on campus, home, community and workplace. Education college should generate anti-corruption teachers. If Indonesia has a lot of anti-corruption teachers and education, Indonesia will go forward and is ready to face the ASEAN Comunity 2015. This method 770 tends to take a long time to see the result. Although the cost is low, but the results will have a long time impact.


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Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi 2014

  • Konferensi di Bandar Lampung, Indonesia pada tahun 2014
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Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi (SemBistek) 2014 is organised at 15-16 December 2014 by Ins... tampilkan semua