Merantau Demi Republik: Kehidupan dan Perjuangan Ismail Banda (1909-1951)

Ja'far Ja'far
Journal article Islamijah • 2020 Mesir • Indonesia

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(26 pages)


Migration for the Sake of the Republic: The Life and Struggle of Ismail Banda (1909-1951). This study aims to examine the life and struggle of Ismail Banda in order to seize and defend the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Amid the achievement of Ismail Banda, he was out of the attention of researchers that make him less well known overall even by his successors in Al Washliyah's own environment. This study is a bio-biographical study in which data is obtained through literature and library study. Data in the form of documents were analyzed by content analysis method. The study finds that Ismail Banda was a well-educated Mandailing scholar and fighter who during his overseas studies at the intellectual center of the Sunni tradition in the early 20th century: Madrasah Shaulatiyah and al-Azhar Universitytook advantage of all opportunities to lead the Republic's struggle for Indonesian independence in Egypt through the Indonesian Youth Association and Malaya (Perpindom). This study presents a broader elaboration of Ismail Banda's biography based on new and trusted sources.



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