Respons Muhammadiyah Di Indonesia Terhadap Ordonansi Guru Awal Abad XX

Zaini Dahlan
Journal article Islamijah • 2020 Indonesia • Belanda

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(23 pages)


Muhammadiyah Response Towards Teacher Ordinance at the Turn of the 20th Century Indonesia. This paper studies the Muhammadiyah's response in Indonesia to the teachers' ordinances in 1905 and 1925. Through the sociological-historical method, the researcher found consistency in the Muhammadiyah's attitude regarding the abolition of these rules. Muhammadiyah tends to be more flexible in responding to the 1905 teacher ordinance, because it only issued a "Motie Persarikatan". As for the 1925 teacher ordinance, however, Muhammadiyah showed a more radical response through continuous awareness and criticism of the Dutch East Indies colonial government. The findings of this study show the diversity of Muhammadiyah's responses to the Teacher Ordinances of 1905 and 1925, on the one hand cooperative but sometimes in conflict with the Netherlands on the other.



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