Tradisi Ilmiah Ilmuwan Muslim di Nusantara

Saidatul Khairiyah
Journal article Islamijah • 2020

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(23 pages)


Scientific Dimension of Muslim Scholars in Nusantara. This study discusses the writing inclination of Nusantara Muslim scholars from the imperial era to the contemporary period. Using a historical approach, the researcher proposes the finding that the main actors in the dissemination of Islamic teachings are carried out by scholars by expressing their ideas in written works. The works are partly in the form of manuscripts in various branches of science, such as Sufism, Jurisprudence, monotheism, history and even science. The existence of these texts illustrates the high quality of intellectual Muslim archipelago scientists. The author insists that the phenomenon of writing among Muslim scientists (scholars) has even gone beyond just one period. Muslim scholars who were born in the succeeding period also consciously continued the tradition that had been instilled by their predecessors.



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