Sejarah Pendidikan Islam Sebagai Tema Tugas Akhir Di Pascasarjana Uin Su Medan (1994-2017)

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Journal article Islamijah • 2020 Indonesia

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The History of Islamic Education as a Theme for Student's Final Thesis at Postgraduate Level of Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara. This study surveys theses on history of Islamic education, submitted to Graduate Studies State Islamic University Medan both for master and doctorate levels. The study concludes that the main reasons to study the topic are admiration of past achievements and strong belief in its relevance to contemporary Islamic education. The majority of the theses concentrate on modern time topics (69.4%) of Indonesian Islamic education (66.7%) with the most popular topic being Islamic education institutions (44.4%). The majority of the theses (69.5%) have consistently used historical method. The most frequently cited works on historical methodology are those of Kuntowijoyo and Dudung Abdurrahman. An absolute majority (80.5%) of the theses refers to primary sources related to their topics. Despite expressive believe in the relevance of history, only 10% of the theses allocate special segment to explain the relevance of their study findings, albeit in rather theoretical tones. As such efforts are needed to further use these study findings into a more practical ways, probably through modeling and experimentation.



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