Perspektif Syiah Imamiyah Tentang Dimensi Tauhid

Muhammad Iqbal
Journal article Islamijah • 2020

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(15 pages)


Shia Imamiyah Perspective on Theology. This study examines the Shiite Imamiyah school of thought on the dimension of monotheism in the Qur'an. This study is a literature study where the works of Shiite scholars are analyzed by content analysis methods. This study is hoped to become as sufficient information about monotheism according to the Shiah school as explained by scholars of Shi'ism. This study proposes that there are two dimensions of monotheism in the Shia school, namely theoretical monotheism and practical dimensions. The theoretical dimension of monotheism constitutes three categories which include first, substance monotheism, second monotheism of character, and third, monotheism of action. In addition, the practical dimension in monotheism is divided into three namely monotheism in worship (tawhîd ‘ibâdah), monotheism in obedience and observance, and monotheism in acquiring comfort and assistance.



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