Gerakan H. Rivai Abdul Manap Nasution dalam Bidang Pendidikan Islam

Laili Rahmaini Hasibuan
Journal article Islamijah • 2020 Indonesia

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The Movement H. Rivai Abdul Manap Nasution's Educational Thought. This article deals with the life, relevance and influence of H. Rivai Abdul Manap Nasution (1922-1989) in the field of education. This research is basically a historical study but with some measure of biographical approach. The data was obtained from relevant documents, interviews with heirs, as well as field observations to support necessary information. Rivai plays multiple important roles in education but the most significant of which is undoubtedly to be found in Taman Pendidikan Islam (TPI; literally, Garden of Islamic Education). TPI organized a very important chain of Islamic education institutions from the 1950s until the 1980s. The relevance of TPI is unique in that its education institutions spread over large number of villages, especially those included in the state plantation in North Sumatra. By not just focusing to serve big cities, TPI provides education to those really in need. Upon Rivai's death, TPI's contribution tends to lessen. Nevertheless, TPI continues to exist and manage some education activities to the present. Through this, his legacy is to be preserved.



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