The Effect Of Giving Concentrates Containing Kelor Leaf Flours With Different Levels On Nitrogen Utilisation Of Local Goat

L. S. Enawati • Markus M. Kleden • Marfandi M. Robo

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The study aimed to determine the effect of the use of feed concentrates containing Moringa leaf flour on protein consumption, protein digestibility and rumen ammonia concentration. Data were analyzed using a randomized block design (RBD) with 4 treatments and 3 replications, and continued with the Duncan test. The treatments in this study include: K1: Concentrate without the use of Moringa leaf flour; Concentrate with the addition of 10% Moringa leaf flour; K3: Concentrate with the use of Moringa leaf flour 20%; and K4: Concentrate with the use of 30% Moringa leaf flour. The variables determined were Rough Protein Consumption and Digestion and rumen NH3 Concentration. The results showed that protein (g / tail / day) consumption and crude protein digestibility (%) were highest in the treatment of K4: 36.37 and 72.01, then followed by K3: 35.81 da. 71.93; K2: 35.06 and 69.85 and K1: 31.99 and 59.91. The highest rumen NH3 (mM) concentration is also occupied by K4: 19.77 followed; K3: 18.24; K2: 16.48 and K1: 11.16. The results of statistical analysis showed that the treatment had no significant effect (p> 0.05) on consumption and had a significant effect (p<0.05) on the digestibility coefficient of crude protein and rumen NH3. It was concluded that the use of Moringa leaf flour as a constituent component to the level of 30% can be used for animal feed to increase consumption and nutrient digestibility of livestock as well as the provision of rumen NH3.



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