November 19, 2020  //  DOI: 10.26911/the7thicph-FP.01.18
Wenny Wiharsini, Wahyu Sulistiadi


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Background: The number of Covid-19 infected cases is still increasing, pandemic has yet to be
controlled. This can increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission among health personnel in hospitals.
Data as of September 7, 2020, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) states that more than 100
doctors in Indonesia who have died due to Covid-19 infection. The phenomenon of transmission in
health personnel is urgent. This study aimed to systematically review the determinant factors of covid-
19 transmission among of health personnel.
Subjects and Method: This was a systematic review study from various article sources that have
been done previously. The databases used in this study were Science Direct and Scopus, journals
published from February to September 2020. The articles were extracted using the Preferred Reporting
System for Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (PRISMA) 2009 flowchart.
Results: Total of 5 articles were reviewed. The results of this study showed that the variables of
gender, age, and profession showed significant results on Covid-19 transmission in 2 articles, but the
results were not significant in 3 other articles. Meanwhile, the work location variable shows significant
results in 2 articles that raise this variable with the location of the work place, including the medical
ward and the emergency department. Ethnic variables, raised by one article with insignificant results
and for the variable personal protective equipment and masks showed significant results related to
Covid-19 transmission.
Conclusion: Workplace arrangements, especially for Covid-19 special isolation and the use of good
personal protective equipment, can reduce the transmission of Covid-19 to health personnel, especially
those in emergency rooms and medical wards.

Keywords: determinants, Covid-19, health personnel, personal protective equipment,

Wenny Wiharsini. Universitas Indonesia. Depok, West Java, Indonesia. Email: Mobile: 081316790160

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