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Sistem Pakar Untuk Mendiagnosa Penyakit Dan Hama Pada Tanaman Salak Di Turi Sleman

Sistem Pakar Pada Tanaman Apotek Hidup Untuk Pengobatan Alternatif Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor

Aplikasi Sketsa Gambar Dan Tulisan Pada Video Call Berbasis Android

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Pemanfaatan Internet Of Things pada Kendali Lampu

Lamp is a kind of electronic that created light. Light is obtained through the flow of electricity as a current to add a voltage. the die and the life of light are controled by humans using switch. Applying the Internet of Things, as known as IoT determined the life and the die of a lamp by determined by the active light censor. The die and the life of the lamp automatically depends on the light sensor by capturing the intensity of the light produced. The result of the function test found that the data in the form of lux value generated by the light sensor, the value is exposed on a website with the display of graphics and websites serve as a web service provides control values to determine the response lamp, if the value of lux above 30 percent then the lights off And vice versa if under 30 percent of the lamps are on, so that a small value will be sent to the lamp and the lamp will respond that the lights are off or on. So that humans only act as a watchdog and control of the value generated by the light sensor.
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Analisis Perbandingan Metode Weighted Product (Wp) dengan Metode Simple Additive Weighting (Saw) untuk Pendukung Keputusan Pemilihan Biro Perjalanan Pariwisata

Decision Support System (DSS) is a system that helps managers to solve a semi-structured problem. There are techniques used to make the DSS, one of them is Fuzzy Logic Multi Criteria Decission Makaing (MCDM). Weigthed Product Method (WP) and Single Additive Weighting Method (SAW) is a method to solve the problem using multiplication to connect the atribute ratings, where rating attributes must be raised first with the weight relevant attributes weights. The applications results show comparison WP methods and SAW methods is closer to the value 1, so that the SAW method is the most appropriate method to solve the problem of the selection a trvel agency tourism.
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Pengolahan Citra Digital Berbasis Wireless 2.4 Ghz dengan Memanfaatkan Arduino Uno Rev 3

Digital image processing of a system capable of generating digital image data and software as a medium to display the digital image data that uses radio waves to send data in HEX and convert in the form of images. Linksprite camera which enable to produce the digital image data and utilize the arduino UNO as a controller to send commands to the camera image capture and send the digital image data to the PC. The process of digital image based data transmission by radio waves utilizing the XBee Pro Series 1 . Results of testing the system implemented in the outdoor can take a longer distance when compared with the application of the system in the room . At a distance of 10-250 meters complete the full HEX data transmission and produces good images , with time ranging 2m.29s.39ms-2m.36s.56ms. Distance of 260-450 meters with a time of 2m.05s.02ms - 06ms 2m 01s but the picture quality is not good. At a distance of 500-530 meters with a time of 1m.10s.23ms-0m.50s.59ms produce images that are very less. While the distance of > 550 meters is the limit HEX data transmission capability to the receiver. The ability of the system mileage in the process of data transfer shorter if applied indoors. Distance of 1-60 meters with a time of 2m.29s.39ms - 60ms.2m.34s produce good quality images. At a distance of 80 meters with a time of 1m.25s.59ms produce poor images, and with a distance of 90 meters with a time 0m.35s.49ms produce images that are very less . While the distance of > 100 system not able to perform HEX data transmission
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