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Analisis Pengaruh Motivasi Intrinsik Terhadap Kepuasan Kerja Yang Berdampak Pada Kinerja Karyawan Di PT. Jhons Gf Semarang

This research analyzes many factors which influence of the employees working. The pupose of the research is fainding many factors which influence the employee working. The contents is intrinsic motivation and satisfied of working releated with the influence the employee working. The object of this research is employees of PT. Jhons GF.Purposive sampling which choisen is to find out the data which needed in this studies there are 85 responden and all of the are PT. Jhons GF employee. The data analysis used SPSS program 19 series. Before doing regreesion analysis, the process analysis is trought many steps whisvh one of the is validity analysis, reiability test and classic assumtion test.In this research has three hypothesis and depards of the research analysis show tht three hypothesis are acepted, it means the conclution of this research intrinsic motivation it influence satisfied of working towards increasing of employees working.
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Analisis Implementasi Kewirausahaan Sosial Dalam Program Klinik Sungai Universitas Ciputra

The complex problems in Indonesia require the people initiative to help the government in finding the solution. Thus arise a movement calls social entrepreneurship to identify and solve society problems in large scale. This movement uses the principles of business, but instead of profit oriented it is more social value oriented. Universitas Ciputra Surabaya also performs social entrepreneurship through the "River Clinic" program. This program aims to preserve Sungai Mas as the main water source for Surabaya. The implementation of the program was analized based on the social entrepeneurship principles. The research result is hoped to be some suggestion for the program improvement, so that it can be more significantly affected the Surabaya people.
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Finalcial Literacy Dan Perilaku Keuangan Mahasiswa (Studi Kasus Mahasiswa STIE ‘YPPI' Rembang)

Financial intelligence in the competition is absolutely necessary in today's modern society. Deemed necessary, due to the financial intelligence that includes how a person manages financial-owned well is capital to improve the welfare of each individual. This study intends to analyze the effect of learning in college and family financial education to student financial behavior, and the impact of the financial literacy of students to the financial behavior of students with student research object STIE 'YPPI' Rembang. Research shows that learning in higher education and financial education affect student financial literacy, while financial literacy have an impact on the financial behavior of the students. Additionally, financial literacy proved able to moderate learning in college and family financial education in student financial behavior.
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Perancangan Sistem Penjualan Ayam Broiler Pada Perusahaan Rumah Potong Ayam Putra Dewi Samudra Di Jatiwangi

Sales System Broiler Chickens Rumah Potong Ayam Putra Dewi Samudra is a design system that records sales of sales transactions chicken, chicken purchase transaction, the addition of employee data, additional data supplier, sales reports and statements chicken chicken purchases . System development method used to build this application is the waterfall mode . Whereas at this stage of the analysis and design of the system is done with tersktruktur approach. Analysis of the results of the data collection system based on the method of observation, interview, and literature study. The design of the system outlined by designing Activity Diagram, Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), interface design, process design, and the design output. The implementation phase of this chicken sales system using VB.Net programming language. Thus the sales system can help sales data in the Rumah Potong Ayam Putra Dewi Samudra.
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Pengaruh Customer Equity Terhadap Word of Mouth Perguruan Tinggi Swasta

Consumer confidence in a product or brand will have an impact on increasing consumer loyalty to the brand or product concerned. One form of consumer loyalty to the company product or brand is shown in the form of Word of Mouth. This also applies within the scope of the college in which the student confidence for what he has received during the conduct of university education will be formed into a satisfaction for students. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Customer Equity in Word of Mouth in Higher Education.This study is a survey research with quantitative descriptive research type. The population in this study Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University Students Strata-1 semester five upwards, with sample collection method used a numbering 150. The questioner that has been tested previously to 30 respondents and tested the validity and reliability that results in a 100% said the question is valid and feasible to be used. The research method using SEM analysis test used AMOS.The result from this study is no positive influence brand equity and the value equity towards WoM (Word of Mouth). However, relationship equity had a positive influence on the value of WoM (Word of Mouth).