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Promosi Universitas Swasta dalam Menarik Minat Mahasiswa Baru (Studi Kasus Promosi Upt Hppmb Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi)

This research aims to determine the extent to which the University of Muhammadiyah Sukabumi (UMMI) promote academic programs into the middle of society, so that people knew and eventually took an interest to study at UMMI. The method applied is qualitative research method with a case study approach (case study), and data collection techniques by means of literature studies, interviews and questionnaires distribution. The study population was a group of UMMI students Academic Year 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, while the random technique applied was purposive sample. The result shows that the promotional efforts undertaken by UPT HPPMB against students Senior High Schools/Vocational High Schools/Madrasah Aliah High Schools have done optimally because it has managed to get the students with higher numbers when comparing to the number of students in the two previous years.
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Teori Keadilan John Rawls Kritik terhadap Demokrasi Liberal

This article reexamines John Rawls's thought in formatting social order based on political liberalism. The discussion is significant in tracing the origins of thought on justice in the modern Western socio-ethical system. By bibliographical study of Rawls's works this study describes and analyzes the formats of Rawls's thought which places individuals as his fundamental reference of political thought. This article contextualizes Rawls's thought with what being happened in contemporary Indonesian cases.
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Revitalisasi Ilmu Dakwah: Kajian Mabadi ‘Asrah Ilmu Dakwah

Although dakwah activities have been crossed such a long history, but dakwah as a science is still relatively new. Moreover, the study area is almost tangent to the dakwah as a science with some other existing knowledge and have been developed more earlier, dakwah science have been so important for us to develop in more powerful, which in turn can generate a deeper motivation to develop it. Despite much research on the revitalization of the science mission with a diverse range of perspectives, but this paper will look at the process of revitalizing the science of dakwah in perspective mabadi 'asrah which has been well-known in the Islamic sciences tradition that are expected to be more independent as well as seeking the position and its relationship with other sciences which has been exist before.
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