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Islamic Perspective on Marital Rape

Marital rape has become a controversial issue in many countries including Indonesia. For the majority of the Indonesian people, it is impossible for rape to take place inside the marriage institution, however some other peoples believe that it possibly occurs. Since it is considered as a kind of rape anyway, those who agree with that concept, insist on the government of Indonesia to qualify marital rape as an offence. This is sounded usually by the human rights activists, especially the feminists. This research is aimed to elaborate the legal position of what so-call marital rape in Islam. As a country whose population is majority Muslim, it can be understood that the development of the Indonesian law is influenced by the Islamic values. This research provide an important reference to deal with the issue of the criminalization of marital rape in Indonesia.Since the research focuses more on the study of legal materials from various sources, it is qualified as a normative legal research. To support the collection of data, interview upon the competent legal experts has also been exercised. The standard of qualification of the legal experts involving in the interview are those who are interested in Islamic Law, especially Islamic Family law as well as Islamic Criminal Law. Based on the research finding, it is found that the type of the relationship between husband and wife as suggested in Islamic teaching naturaly prevents the what so-call marital rape to occur. It is difficult to imagine the existence of marital rape inside the Muslim familes, since the husband is bound with the obligation to treat her wife well (mu'asyarah bil ma'ruf). In sexual matter, the doctrine of mu'asyarah bil ma'ruf can be applied by respecting the need and the willingness of the wife in sexual matter. Meaning to say, the husband is obliged to fulfill his wife sexual desire in one side, and in the other side he is not allowed to force her wife for sex when she is unwilling. It is better for the husband to sacrifice him self (to be patient) rather than sacrificing his wife. A good husband must be wise in choosing the better choice relating to the above issue. A good husband must be patient (shabr) for not saying that who is not patient is not a good husband.
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Kualitas Pelayanan an Kepuasan Pasien Rumah Sakit: Kasus Pada Pasien Rawat Jalan

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of service quality dimensions in terms of physical appearance, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy for hospital patient satisfaction Sarila Husada Sragen. This study uses a test approach the relationship between variables with quantitative approach. Samples are patients who use the services of Sarila Husada Hospital of Sragen. Test the relationship between variables was performed using multiple regression test. This study found that tangbel and assurance effect on customer satisfaction Sarila Husada hospital patients Sragen.
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Paradigma Sistem Ekonomi Islam

Sebagai sebuah sistem, Sistem ekonorni Islam memang helum terujud secara faktual, tapi secara konseptual sangat menjanjikan Secara imani. Tentu kita sangat yakin bahwa la pasti akan muncul sebagai satu—satunya system yang mampu memenuhi semua harapan manusia. karena Islam memang di turunkan untuk seluruh umat manusia, termasuk non—muslim sekalipun. Maka, mengkaji sistern ekonomi Islam secara intens Ialu mewujudkannya dalam realitas kehidupan masvarakat merupakan perkara yang amat urgen. Tetap ngotot bertahan pada sistem ekonomi kapitalistik seperti yang sekarang tengah berjalan, hanva akan makin menjerumuskan manusia pada jurang nestapa: kesenjangan ekonorni, kehidupan materialistik, proses dehunanisasi yang mengerikan, serta makin menjauhkan kita dari tujuan-tujuan mulia berkaitan dengan eksistensi manusia di dunia
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