Pusat Telaah dan Informasi Regional (PATTIRO)

Think Tank in Jakarta, Indonesia



Jl. Mawar, Komplek Kejaksaan Agung, Blok G-35 Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12520, Indonesia

Pusat Telaah dan Informasi Regional (PATTIRO)

PATTIRO is a research and advocacy organization established on April 17, 1999 and has been working in more than 17 provinces and 70 regencies throughout Indonesia. During this period, PATTIRO has been focusing its attention on local governance issues, particularly in decentralization issues. Through its works, PATTIRO tries to encourage the realization of good, transparent, and equitable governance in order to create social justice for all of Indonesian people.

Besides actives in conducting research, PATTIRO also provides technical assistance to the government. In addition to that, PATTIRO ... see more

Fields of study: Public Policy, Governance & Transparency

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